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Truth and Why’s: Who Holds The Aces In The Smart Meter Game / Void Alleged ‘Late Payment’ Notices and ‘Meter Estimates’ Letter

Truth and Why’s: Who Holds The Aces In The Smart Meter Game / Void Alleged ‘Late Payment’ Notices and ‘Meter Estimates’ Letter

They say that hind sight is 20/20.

Sometimes it is that we need to look back to get a better idea of just how far we have come.
Part of the purpose of doing this post is going to be just that.
The other part is for you to see just where the power lies and as stated in the post title who holds the Aces in this game.
Without having to nail things down to exact dates we can easily remember a few key points in this meter mess that BC Hydro, their Liberal cronies and their Corporate cronies have tried to push on you. Of course they forgot to build one thing into the equation… you remembering you are not a number, you are not going to be pushed around, oppressed and exploited.
A few years ago when this started (yes it’s been that long!) do you remember them in the press or in notices using languages like “Smart Meters are mandatory, all customers MUST get a smart meter”
Then, magically, there was a ‘delay’ list and it was stated ‘We will be talking to those customers and addressing their concerns on a one by one basis’ Of course we know this meant harassing phone calls, ‘visits’ by crony installers that did minimal training for commission based speed installs and piles of letter and notices, none with any concern for the customer just to get that meter on ASAP.
Then, they played a trick where some on the delay list came home to a smart meter. Because, well, they said for all intents and purposes ‘you just DELAYED your CONSENT (key word right there) to a later date. Of course we immediately were warning people to not go on this list, knowing this would happen.

Around this time is when the original first drafts of the COR came out for Hornby Island private owners. It was a very telling time for our little group (little at the time but not anymore!) The talk in the papers and to the private owners was BC Hydro was coming in guns blazing and everyone was getting a meter as soon as they could get it together and get the trucks on the ferry.
BUT, something happened. They received PILES of COR notices (FIND THEM HERE) and the ‘sure thing’ was put on hold. At that time, even the ‘spokespersons’ for BC Hydro said “I don’t know what happened”  Well, that’s right you don’t, but someone does, they just did not tell you! Then and there, the door was opened.
Then a bit later, due to the original COR being a bit of a rush job as certain parties only came along near that time, we had time to create a newer, better COR and not just for Hornby but for EVERYONE in BC! (FOUND HERE)
Remember the word CONSENT.
We know BC Hydro did eventually take their time and did eventually go install on houses there who did not use the COR or gave CONSENT in some capacity when the waters got a little rougher. Many people will act ‘tough’ and at the slightest tap on the shoulder crumble to the ground and accept whatever oppression is coming. Lucky for us, there are so many of you out there that did not and do not fall into this category. Many of these are the same who will then later complain about the very situation they could have chose to stop!
It seems this little quote here applies:
“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.” 
Then we had lots of people, the first group really, sending the COR and then NOD (after 30 days) as the COR came out in OCT of 2013. Perhaps BC Hydro felt our numbers were to small. So they decided to up the ante. After it seemed like all was well, the decided to wait until just after the holidays (remember they love this time) January 4th to be exact, when they mailed out  their “TIMES UP, NO MORE DELAYS, YOU MUST TAKE A SMART METER’ Notices.
Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 6.18.01 PM

Talk about stirring the hornets nest! (by hornets I mean YOU!) Traffic to the site exploded people were sending off the COR’s in droves, then ‘magically’ 2 weeks later, the installations stopped. People postured and said ‘its the elections’ and we said ‘Really, there were elections coming 2 weeks ago, so that makes no sense, if that was the case, why would they send those “TIMES UP” notices just weeks before, doesn’t make sense’ and of course that “Hmmmm this really seems like a carbon copy of what happened on Hornby, only on a much bigger scale”
Then this theory went around that some of the MLA’s piped up, or that if we ‘just wrote to them, or called their offices, things would change”  We said “Um, no, that is not either, these are the same MLA’s who rammed the laws through, who did not give a damn for the last couple years, why did they magically care now?” We also noted, this is simply giving your power away to the very entities so happy to take it from you.
Then we learned that indeed they were STILL installing meters on peoples homes, after saying they were not going to in the paper for those who DID NOT GIVE CONSENT. 

We watched as people said “I had a sign up and everything and they still installed” or “I told them on the phone” or ” I told the installer last time he was here I did not want one”  The agents of BC Hydro and the Government were clever to say this and we asked people to look into whether by some other means, they did indeed GIVE CONSENT via the use of ‘other documents’ on the internet  or their own ‘homemade’ documents and this was why we specifically told people to NOT combine the documents on this site with others out there. SEE HERE

Every time we dug deeper into what happened, it was never the COR /NOD people that got a meter and still to this day, unless some sort of CONSENT was provided AFTER starting or doing the COR, NONE of the COR people have gotten a meter. Yet, to this day, we know they are installing meters on people’s homes who did not use the COR. If you even a small pulse on the smart meter situation in BC, you know this is true.
Then month after month went by. Why did this happen?  This is a textbook classic pre-determined method to make the public collapse. The ol’ ‘hit ’em where it counts, in the wallet’ technique.

So, they came up with the “Meter Choices Program” because they were bluffing, they had nothing, so they were looking for one more technique to get CONSENT from…. YOU!
Don’t you find that interesting? CONSENT.
Don’t you find it odd that big bad BC Hydro took MONTHS to try and deal with a ‘few pieces of paper you sent in?’ CONSENT.
Don’t you find it interesting that so many people out there were telling you these ‘pieces of paper’ and the techniques behind them had ‘no merit’ and ‘will get you in trouble’? And yet here we are today. More fear tactics to keep you away from your power.
be afra
Many were told to ‘write to or email or call the BCUC’ which of course was the group who was written out of the entire process long ago. Well, this gave them CONSENT on behalf of the PUBLIC to create the ORDER IN COUNCIL #391 and this is why we asked you NOT to write to the BCUC because this very act would GIVE THEM THE AUTHORITY to do the Order in Council #391!
So this happened and they ‘approved’ the fee schedule because the ‘public outcry’ ( letters and complaints) allowed them to ‘look into and deal with the concerns of the public’ Some may say this is not the reason, well, look at the timing, it is exact and precise.
Of course we know it was all by design, because if it took them months to come up with the Meter Choices Program, (MCP) then how did it take literally ZERO time to approve the Order in Council #391? …. Think about that for a second.
Well, we at least know who DID NOT do the above!
Of note this is what forced you into so much work of having to send documents to the BCUC and the LGIC. Also of note is the CONFIRMATION of the validity of our process by the Lieutenant Governor herself! (SEE HERE)
Then, of course because BC Hydro is the “Authority” and this is all on the up and up, clean, legitimate, law, mandated… they needed to send everyone more “TIMES UP” notices (this time in BIG BOLD SCARY RED LETTERS and also with bonus feature of a BIG STOP WATCH on there to ‘scare’ you) then they sent what…3, 4, 5 of those to do more scaring.
Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 2.23.06 PM

Of course we are  not scared of stop watch graphics on envelopes, NOT sent registered mail, with un ‘approved’ fees and so on in them. Red colour itself is a mind game. It is well known that RED is  a colour used to create urgency, fear, ever notice that most if not all of your fast food places have red in their signs?
And just why would they do that? CONSENT, to get one little tiny thing from you… CONSENT.
5 aces
Are you starting to realize who holds the ACES in this game?
Now does it make sense WHY they sent piles of notices and unlike some others asking you to ‘consent’ to the MCP in one fashion or another, we showed you WHY and how to send them back and what KEEPING them literally meant ACCEPTANCE and for the most part CONSENT?  SEE HERE Is there any wonder why people who did not use our docs and have not paid the ‘fees’ are getting metered to this day?
Then of course we saw on the MCP notices they were ‘accidentally’ leaving out “BC” in the part of the form you were to mail back stating your CONSENT to the MCP! We warned about this  while it was completely ignored by the rest, because this was very important and was a BIG tell in this game.
Recall that in the past they have CHANGED ACCOUNT NUMBERS, put MR. or MRS. etc. in front of names and all kinds of ‘anomalies’ on  billing statements and notices. Are these the techniques of an organization that is in TRUTH? Are these the moves of an organization that is in HONOUR or DISHONOUR? Finally, are these the moves of a group of entities that have “POWER AND AUTHORITY”? Think about that.
Then in the barrage of MCP notices, they were changing the words at the bottom or in between or anywhere on the notices. Do you recall EVER something like this happening in the History of BC? Imagine a creditor or someone sending you 5 notices in a span of a few weeks? WHY oh WHY? Remember they were playing their cards on the ‘stress’ of the holidays. 
They were trying to wait until you got fattened up and most stressed to pick on you. Do not kid yourselves to think the timing ‘accidentally’ landed on this period 2 YEARS IN A ROW. They cold heartedly decided to pick on you at the exact time you should be enjoying time with friends co-workers and family. Good for you for sticking up for yourself!
Then, from one act to the next they were changing the meanings, definitions and more of many of the words they were citing as their ‘authority’ that they MUST install the meters! We pointed this out IN the COR/NOD/BCUC Notice and in our ‘educational posts’ on the site. (located on the left hand side of this blog)
Now we present to you this analogy. They want to take the poker pot, without showing you their hand. Now, they are putting “PAST DUE” or “LATE PAYMENT” on their bills/notices they send you. BUT, now we are hearing, they don’t even know if they can really do that, and they are waiting for the previously neutered BCUC to ‘enact’ these ‘pre-emptive but not really real unauthorized late fees’ sometime around June. (stall tactics because they have no consent)
But for now, you MUST pay them or maybe be disconnected?  CONSENT.
Truth is, they are missing one ACE in the deck and that ACE is…. YOU!
The power lies in YOU!  Not them.
Otherwise, if you go back through your mind, or the above written, just why oh why would they have to do all the stuff they had to do to get you to take the meter?
Now, WHAT IS THE KEY ELEMENT in this whole mess that they still haven’t taken? If you guessed meter, that it close for sure. But to get that meter… what do they need? YOU! and why do they need you? CONSENT!
Ironically, we have a powerful movie in our little ‘movement’ Called TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. Of note is the same people who made that film will say it is just as much to simply not give it away in the first place!
This has been a beautiful process for us to see the power we really have. I like to call us an ‘individual collective’
GOVERNMENT IS BY CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED… I am sure you have heard this before.  While statements are nice, to see them in action is HUGE for all of us.
We can see globally the people are tired of socialist oppression, theft, graft, corruption and all the rest. NONE of this will or would go away of the ‘governed’ did not or do not stand up. Pick a country now, or for the next few years even, you will watch this unfold before your eyes and if you did not know it, you are a part of it right now and have been for some time!
I/we really want you to be proud of all the steps you have taken. I/we do not know when this will end. I/we can assure you that with you this can work, this has worked, we saw it for Hornby and now BC wide. This is co-incidence only that there is 2 making the ‘co’ and ‘incidence’ that they were virtually identical. We are doing something powerful. YOU ARE SOMETHING POWERFUL! While it may take some time and effort, we are beyond clicking our mouse for some of the dozens of petitions that come to our mailbox. And in saying that… do you or do you not have a meter yet? We are beyond complaining at dinner parties. We are beyond being nickel and dimed to our graves. We are beyond CONSENTING to every whim of the oppressors. We are beyond believing that we need to be in fear, that we are without power. WE ARE ACTION, we are not Beggars to those that oppress us. We do not beg for our inherent rights from those that wish to take them, we CLAIM OUR RIGHTS.
We have moved beyond, we know WE are the power, we are the numbers. They have used emotions of fear to us and greed for them. Systems built on this ALWAYS fail one way or another. We are exploding into our power, they are imploding into their weakness. They use fear and negativity as their emotional ploy, we are beyond that, we are positive, we are not numbers for exploitation we are the power and ALL power rests in the people.
Witness it before you, it is happening, you do not need to see it, or choose to believe it, but it is there. We must continue to realize this.
Their hand is weak and YOU are strong.
Keep that in mind at all times!
Now, here are the PDF’s for ‘what to do’ In them, we have provided some more education for you. We do recognize it has taken some time for us to get this out, but just as we seemed to be done sometimes, we would get some new questions and felt it best to get it all into one document vs release 3-4 of them over time. I do want to say also that we do intend to switch gears a bit and help those of you who have a Smart Meter already to get it off. Note that we (as urgent as things are) sort of needed to let the above unfold the way it did.
We have seen groups state ‘once you get a smart meter you will never get it off’ We don’t see it that way, if you give up and give your power away, remain in fear… of course you have CONSENTED to that statement being true, you have by thought and word consented to being a slave. This is not in our blood. We believe this time has past, perhaps not for everyone, but for enough and the rest will follow.
I realize this may be a bit long in the tooth, but I felt it was time to look back on how far we have come to get a better idea of our future… and it is just that… our future, determined by US not them!
 – Note, not every question will apply to you, so please read through and find the ones that apply to your situation, this will also help you get an idea of what is going on out there, especially for you brave souls that are helping others or have taken a leadership role to help people.



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