Saturday, April 25, 2015

Announcement For Lost Arts Radio Listeners

Announcement For Lost Arts Radio Listeners

     Dr. Elizabeth Plourde, scientist, author, educator and consultant, visits with us tomorrow night to discuss her work on solutions to EMF dangers.  Dr. Plourde is a medical researcher with 30 years experience, who now specializes in women's health issues and how to live with minimal damage and suffering in the ocean of EMF pollution that fills our world today. The information she will share in this interview fits in perfectly with the series of discussions we are having with Barrie Trowe.  
     At the end of the show, host Richard Sacks begins sharing for the first time what he has uncovered in the past 50 years of his own holistic health research and experimentation.  That information has, up to now, not been shared with the public.  He urges all his listeners around the world to take an active interest in their personal education and empowerment from the inside out, because all issues are part of the one issue of quality of life on our planet.  We will cover many different subjects on these Lost Arts Radio episodes, and all of them are relevant to what you want to accomplish in your chosen area of concern. This is an educational show, and every week's episode is meant for you.
     The key to real effectiveness in whatever field of action we choose, is what we are doing on the inside, and that is almost never addressed.  This incredibly powerful approach to world change will be discussed, starting after saturday's interview, and will continue with small installments at the end of each week's show for those that have the desire and the courage to go farther.

     Try not to miss the show, or at least hear the archive when you can.  And if any of you have questions for Barrie Trower, who will be back on the May 2nd show, email them in to  We'll get to as many as we can. 

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