Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Buyer Beware: Cell Phone Radiation-Reducing Products

Buyer Beware: Cell Phone Radiation-Reducing Products

About once a week someone asks me to recommend a harm reduction product to reduce the exposure to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by their cell phone.

Every few months a manufacturer asks me to endorse a new radiation-reducing product.

To avoid conflicts of interest, I do not endorse any products. Moreover, I have little confidence in manufacturers' product safety claims even from manufacturers who report independent laboratory test results for their products. 

Rather, I recommend people reduce their EMR exposure by making some simple behavioral changes. See "Some Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation" on my EMR Safety web site for some suggestions.

As I discussed in an interview in 2011, although the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires every cell phone in the U.S. to be tested in a laboratory for its Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), this measure is not useful to determine whether one cell phone is safer than another. In my opinion, the SAR is not useful to determine whether any cell phone is safe.

In sum, consumers would be wise to pay attention to the Federal Trade Commission's advice: "there is no scientific proof that so-called shields significantly reduce exposure from these electromagnetic emissions."

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
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