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Second West African EMF conference to tackle exposure myths

Second West African EMF conference to tackle exposure myths

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The second edition of the West African Conference on Electromagnetic Field Exposure and Health, EMF, will for the first time address the issue of myths and reality of the possible effect of EMF to human. The annual conference, which is hosted by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, which will be held in Lagos, has as its theme: EMF in a Highly Connected Society: understanding the myths and realities”.

According to a statement from the NCC, this second conference will provide a platform for policy makers, regulators, legislators, operators, mobile equipment manufacturers, consumer groups and other stakeholders to raise the level of understanding about potential adverse health effects, if any, of mobile communication aimed at establishing a harmonised EMF policy in the West African sub-region.

The NCC said that the theme is in line with the political effort to adopt WHO Model Legislation and ICNIRP exposure limits in Nigeria saying, “It is expected that this will function as a role model for other sub-regions”.

The Minister of Communication Technology, Dr. Omobola Johnson will deliver the keynote address at the conference, while ministers from other concerned jurisdictions such as the Science and Technology; Health; and Environment will also participate at the event.

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