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Smart Meter Extortion -- Take Back Your Power!

Smart Meter Extortion -- Take Back Your Power!

Not only are they not smart, not power-saving, but they raise bills, cause fires, and empower snooping and control by Big Brother. As bad as those things are, what is most criminal is that they are is EXTREMELY detrimental to health, and the perpetrators know that but continue to push it anyway -- illegally, with complicity of government. They should all be in jail.

Josh del Sol was on Red Ice Radio a year ago, 10/10, to talk about his new film.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News 

Yesterday, I finally watched Take Back Your Power by Josh del Sol, who I met at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Boulder, Colorado last year.

After watching it, I sent him an email saying: 


"I feel like crying, barfing, screaming, standing up with a bull horn, probably more now than nearly any other time in my life; and I've been awake to conspiratorial forces for nearly 30 years, being an activist my entire adult life.

"You did an excellent job with your film, covering the science, the politics, the corruption, the emotional elements.

"I want to blast this out to everyone I know. I'll be sending people to your website."
Josh has agreed to come on my FreeEnergyQuest radio show today, live, from 3-4 pm Pacific [GMT-7] as part of the Rense Radio Network. And, exclusively for our audience, you can watch Take Back Your Power for free, for the next 72 hours (until Fri Oct 24 at midnight GMT)! To watch it now, go to, click "STREAM IT NOW" and enter this coupon code in the lower right: freeenergy (direct link). Please share the code... let's get this viral this week!

I had been aware off most everything he talked about in the film, and have been compiling what I find on our page about Smart Meters at PESWiki, but I had not realized the extent of the criminality behind this. It's much worse than I realized.

I had known that smart meters had some detrimental health effects, but I had not realized just how detrimental those were and that it affected EVERYONE -- not just electro-sensitive people. I don't know how many thousands of deaths can be attributed to these meters, but even a few dozen should be enough to raise the alarm, and now it is negatively affecting hundreds of millions, if not billions of people.

This shouldn't surprise us. I know well from my graduate work in Bio-Electro-Chemistry that humans are highly electrical beings. The nerve and brain impulses have an electrical component, most cells have a sodium-potassium pump that establishes an electrical potential across the membrane, which is used for signaling its on/off functions. Brain function can be monitored via Electroencephalography (EEG). Heart function is monitored using Electrocardiography (EKG). And there is a direct current potential from the torso to the limbs that changes potential when we sleep or are anesthetized. That potential can be manipulated to stimulate regeneration. Complete limb regeneration has been accomplished in frogs using this method. (The Body Electric) To think that we don't need to test the human body as to its response to electromagnetic radiation is criminal, given the knowledge level of those introducing these products.

The amount of dirty electricity pollution emitted by a smart meter is many orders of magnitude greater than cell phones -- which are a concern as well.

In his documentary, Josh interviews several people from the medical industry who have studied the effects of Smart Meters and have documented just how damaging they are. Here are a couple of images to illustrate, showing red blood cells before and after exposure to the Smart Meters:


Smart Meters cause tumors, sever headaches, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, and seizures -- just to name a few things.

The class action lawyers should be getting busy on this. This is criminality in the extreme, using the trusted reputation of a public utility with complicity of governments to force people to accept smart meters, which don't save money but actually cost more, which are not smart, and which are seriously damaging their health.

The culpability just for fires caused by these meters should be enough to stop the industry in its tracks.

Another criminal aspect that could easily be litigated in a class action suit is how expensive the electricity becomes following the installation of the meters. For example, a survey by Toronto Hydro showed about 80 percent of people using smart meters are seeing an increase, not a decrease in their bills. Sometimes, customers are seeing as much as a 1000% (10x) increase in their bill.

The extent of force the utilities have imposed in installing the meters -- against the wishes of their customers, breaking locks, breaking doors, in violation of "no smart meter" notices -- should also be litigated in class action suits.

Another class action suit looking for attorneys to carry it out is the hacking liabilities it creates, and the invasion of privacy and vulnerability of the leakage of that data.

Even if the utilities made it very easy for people to opt out, which they don't, they would still be criminally liable for the health detriment these meters impose.

The reason they have had the cooperation of governments is because of the level of control that these meters enable -- increasing big brother's ability to spy, snoop, monitor, control their citizens lives -- a treasonous violation of the unreasonable search and seizure provisions spelled out in the fourth amendment to the Constitution here in the United States. The film articulately takes on the whole surveillance state agenda that the smart meters empower. The tyrants who have taken over the governments of the world love such things, so they are more than happy to facilitate their rollout. They should also be named in the class action suits -- not the governments, which are supposed to be representatives of their citizens, and would have to pay for such litigation through taxation of their citizens -- but the people in the government who have been complicit, should be held personally liable, answerable by heavy fines and jail time.

This movie is a fantastic tool, not just for waking people up to the dangers the smart meters impose -- to urge them to replace those meters with the analogue, not-EMF-radiating meters -- but to serve as a very powerful example of conspiracy in modern times by the corporatocracy that is pushing toward a world police state, enslaving humanity, rather than liberating it.

Speaking of corporatocracy, one of the whistleblower voices in the film is Jeffrey Armstrong, former Apple executive. He is no fan of Smart Meters, and actually sees this situation as unprecedented in world history, and a touchstone test for humanity to rise up against their out-of-control masters who have violated their trust. "Public endangerment is not an acceptable by-product," he said.

The film has a number of other high-level representatives of government and industry, including former Premier of British Columbia, Canada. Emmy Award-winning producer Jerry Day of also contributes some great commentary to the film, as does Foster Gamble of Thrive.

Day points out: "An opt-out is an agreement to pay to not be harmed. An opt-out is volunteering into extortion. An opt-out says, 'If I don't pay you, you have the right to harm me.' That doesn't work." This quote is followed by the film displaying the text: "Smart Extortion."

Retired police officer, Len Miller, VDP, also calls this what it is: extortion. "They are embarking on a monstrous act of deception. They are saying one thing, but you're getting something else. I see that as a form of extortion. ...That's a criminal offense. As a fraud cop, I'm just wondering when the world is going to wake up."

The film has won several awards, tying for first place for Top Transformational Films 2013 by Aware Cinema.

Back on June 21, 2013, I posted a blog entry about the fundraiser for this film. I have to say they have gone way beyond my expectations in how well they have done.

I strongly urge you to watch this with your family, share it with your friends, pass it forward in social media, post it to your blogs. Let's see how far we can spread this in the three days we have for this free promotion. But even beyond that, the viewing price is cheap, and shouldn't keep anyone from watching it.

Here's the 2014 trailer:

Not only should you "opt out," but you should say "hell no" to whoever is running your utilities, and any government involved in allowing them to force these on their customers. They are all liable and should be put on notice that they are looking at jail time for complicity in damaging the health and vitality of their customers, including the loss of life. The ramifications are huge. They should stop getting off, and should start paying up. If we let the people who are in for marijuana out of jail/prison, there will be plenty of room for these true criminals.

Meanwhile, let's help get these exotic free energy technologies to market so that people have viable alternatives to grid power, rendering them obsolete. It turns out that Josh and his associate, Aeon, know about a lot of alternative energy solutions, and I hope to have them on soon, possibly this next Thursday, to talk about those.

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