Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Object: Thanksgiving wish

Andrew McAfee 

Object: Thanksgiving wish

Date: Nov. 25  2014 19:54:49 UTC−5

To my good friends and family, all who I care for…

I wish you a heart felt upcoming vacation with your families. I know, if your life is anything like mine, everything is hectic to get everything done so we can just sit down together and enjoy a few hard won moments of peace and to enjoy delicious, pleasurable and savory food and beverages.

I ask that you take a stretch this holiday to ask family and friends to turn off their cell phones in your home. You can imagine why and I am going to give a few of my reasons.

1) You care. You care about your interaction with them. Removing that cell phone obstacle frees up the opportunity for people to speak their truth, to have more spontaneity, to be present, authentic, in real time, and not one foot out the door, wondering about who is texting you or who might have called to say hi.

2) You care. You care about your and their health. Removing wireless radiation (rated by IARC as a Category 2B “possible carcinogen) in the form of cell phones and wi-fi will help you feel better, yes your mood will be better, and your long term availability at future Thanksgiving tables will be extended by a few years, at least.

3) You care. Your turn to make up the reason why. Since you care, you have a heart, a mind and you have your reasons why you want your family to be “present” at Thanksgiving. Yeah, you could say “this is my house and these are the rules” or “what is more important than family right now” or ….

I am thankful for so many things, being a person who is challenged with ElectroSensitivity, Lyme, and who knows what else. They have opened up my world to what is really going on rather than the placations of a superficial hedonistic existence.

May this holiday be the beginning of a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your loved ones. Just having this conversation will be interesting enough.
Open your heart and let it sing. Yes, just figuring out how to turn the power off is the first step. You can do it!!

Email them ahead of time so they are not surprised with the information when they show up.

All my best to you and your loved ones.

with love,


Andrew McAfee

—Sent through an internet cable, hardwired computer with all wireless functions turned OFF

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