Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MD EMF Symposium

MD EMF Symposium

Please take the time to watch this excellent Symposium (  Although it is an MD Symposium, everyone who is exposed to radiation from wireless devices should watch it (that is everyone in the world now).  Please pass it on widely to doctors, doctors' professional organizations, lawmakers, parents' organizations, schools, local officials, and your friends and loved ones.  This series of lectures puts the dangers of radiation from wireless devices in a context that everyone can understand - the peril to our children and therefore future generations!  You CAN take action immediately to protect your family (see the Solutions page at and then to support change globally.  Please sign the four petitions listed below if you have not done so and contact local groups active on this issue ( has links to many).  Please see for one example of steps states can take to protect our health and our future.  Please also consider signing up for the C4ST email list since they are doing some wonderful things and we would all do well to piggyback on their efforts as much as possible.

Best, Catherine  

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