Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Smart meter issues/ pagosa springs, colo

Smart meter issues/ pagosa springs, colo

arthur…woring with a sizeable activist group in Pagosa Springs, Colo…150 miles from Santa Fe…issues are wireless smart meter installations/ breach of civil rights and privacy…we're assembling lists of willing class action and personal injury litigants in the service area…looking for attorneys knowledgable regarding powercomany litigative vulnerabilities…no franchise agreement for service to the town is in place…town board is listening but the typical problematical good old boys/ corrupt crap you already know about.

Thing unique here is the geothermal aquafer, now under investigation for independent power generation by municipality…shakey ground all around for the power company.  Some indications of misuse of government funding for porkbarreled smart meter deployment.

Know any lawyers with an appetitie for a little hot blood.

Nikola Tesla…before Electrosensitization


"Nikola Tesla…the inventor of both Alternating Current Electrical Power and Wireless Communication…both now identified as carcinogenic, psychotropic and immune suppressive…was also the world's first Electro Hyper Sensitive and Wireless Radation Stimulus Addiction Case.   In his own words…I just don't feel right if i'm not in a 50,000 volt emf field…which he dosed himself with daily most of his adult life (due to chronic fatigue, paranoia and mental impairment)…with the obvious results.  Had he actually been the Genius of EMF (which Thomas Edilson was…not Tesla) he would have immediatly realized the biological effects of what he was working with instead of filing them for patent to sell to Westinghouse and GE.  Welcome to the aftermath."

Gary Lee Duncan
exec director
Smart Shelter Network
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