Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Indian scientists show the way forward

Indian scientists show the way forward

On Wednesday morning, September 17, 2014, I had two interesting meetings. The first one with Professor Neeta Singh, Head of the Biochemistry Department at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the President of the Indian Association on Cancer Research. The second one with Dr. R. S. Sharma, Sr. Deputy Director General with the Indian Council of Medical Research.
Both scientists are actively involved in research on the health effects of cell phone radiation “Effect of Non-Ionizing EMF (Mobile Phone Radiation) on Human Health”, and Dr. Sharma is the Chief-Coordinator of the project.
The reasons for conducting a large multi-year study in India are as follows (abbreviated from the Indian original by DL):
  1. Dramatic increase of exposure to mobile phone radiation.
  2. ICNIRP guidelines were developed for western countries population and because of it these safety standards might not apply to Indian population that is physiologically and environmentally very different from the western population.
  3. Exposure limits followed in India are higher than exposure limits in number of other countries as these countries have developed their own health based precautionary guidelines.
  4. International scientific data did not establish conclusive evidence on the health risk of RF-EMF exposures but growing body of evidence indicates that bio-effects exist and adverse health effects may be not only possible but even probable.
  5. WHO/IARC classified RF-EMF as possibly carcinogenic to humans (group 2B).
Considering the above mentioned reasons, Indian Council of Medical Research proposed a study with the following objective
To study the effect of RFR emitted from cell phone on brain, heart, reproductive organs, ear and cancer related problems, if any

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