Monday, August 25, 2014

Mobiles muddle your metabolism

Mobiles muddle your metabolism

The bright blue light emitted by devices such as smartphones and tablets may give an unwelcome boost to your appetite. 

Research this year found that exposure to the light increases hunger levels for several hours - even if you have just eaten. 

Scientists, again from Northwestern University, asked volunteers to be exposed to dim light for three hours in the evening, then on the next day to blue light for three hours. They found that those exposed to the blue light had a marked increase in appetite 15 minutes after initial exposure to the light. Their appetite continued to be increased almost two hours after eating their evening meal. 

It also altered their metabolism, as blood tests showed that the blue-light subjects had higher insulin and glucose levels. 

One possible explanation is that bright blue light at night confuses our body clock, which has a role in controlling when we feel the need to eat. Natural light is made up of different colours, including blue light, and it is this type that sends the strongest signal to the brain to let it know whether it is day or night.

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