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Fiber Optic Solutions/Wireless Melt Down

Fiber Optic Solutions/Wireless Melt Down

dear all…we are looking for entities (such as the one we have here) who see the meltdown with the failures of wireless communication and that their economic survival in the future mandates buried fiber optic systems with hard wired connectivity…mandated in the service area.

Delta Montrose Electric Association (south western colorado) has announced their venture out ofs TWACs (dirty electricity on line voltage transient communicating) smart meters…which are already installed in the entire service area (with the expected failure and malfunction records) to the proactive solution which may bring with it simultaneously the escape from the megacorporate jugernaught monopoly with ISP service and phones and the profit-viability for their future.  

They are installing a very large capacity fiber opti trunk carrier to every customer.  Arguements regarding distance, dispersed residents and adverse terrain dwindle here…the DMEA service area is classic western colorado…nothing straight or flat anywhere and farms miles down the road.

They are doing this to convert their already installed TWACs smart metering system to fiber optic connectivity.  This is a no-brainer for the ehs/ emf toxicology crowd…in face of the now escallating class action/ personal injury and moratorium avalanche to the power companies stupid enought to get sold down the wireless toilet bowl. 

But whoever sits on their current board knows the future and aint' stupid.  Once the hardwire connectivity is in place to the meter, they then will market high performance ISP/internet service, phone, radio and tv.  This will trainwreck telecom and fast…moving the profit carrot into the power company and sliding the floor out from under AT&T and Verizon…the Darth Vadars of wireless disco regionally. leaving them with a defunct, government porkbarreled cell tower mess they can't get bailed out of…with the bulldozer of rising consumer alarm as the truth about wireless toxicology and its now rampant infrastructure failure snowballs.

I'm already doing poractive presentations to regional entities regarding municipalities and county entities installing their own fiberoptic systems and mandating discontinuation of all wireless smart meters…folllowing the Sascatchewan, Canada mandate to the powercompany to re-analog the entire state's 105,000 smart meters due to fires.

The response in grassroots and community/ municipal administrations and boards has taken a rapid and definative/ recognizability toward dumping wireless.

If anyone knows of other hardwire connectivity/ fiberoptic systems up and running or under installation…we seriously need to know and connect them…in order to avalanch the collapse of the criminal wireless coverup and pork barrel deployment.  The dramatic 4G upgrade psychological deterioration on a general public scale here is now undeniable event to the IQ 100 and below morass on their iPhone/addictions bent.

The cell tower melt down in Heber, Arizona produced a social panic and law enforcement deluge (Ruth Davis, Smart Shelter EHS Program Dev. Director) illucidative of what is now becoming obvious as the fatal flaw in wirless connectivity…subject to hackers, remote location failures of connectivity, gps failures rampant, virus susceptibility and hacker/terrorism vulnerability.  Wireless was never intended to be more that a stop gap venture in the first place.  Guess we're watching the "stop" part of that.

It looks to me like we bow have the proactive, profit assuring, safe and environmentally sane solution…the wireless goes back in the wire, the wire goes in the ground and the municipalities/ government structures that proactively own and develop the fiber optic service will survive in the future…where as the economically shakey telecom/wireless criminal structure will not.

When I address this proactive solution and point out that communities which provide safe, fast, secure and effective hard wire/commectivity will floursih in the future and those which do not won't…this gets mileage the health and environmental effects will not…though they need adding later because now easily 60% and maybe 80% of the politicians i address are now in the know and quite concerned.

This is the way we win…and we now need to identify, support and network the entities smart and proactive enough to get it and act.

This is rolling.

(Ps…the other thing we're doing is idetifying the applicants to more pork barreled cell tower deployment, researching the "Total Information" on their positions and lives and publishing this to distribution along with pictures to every mail box in the impacted areas.  The era of hiding behind the corporate anonymity facade is quite penetrable.  This is who is responsible for your pet's death….no brainer…sure you get it.  Total Information…put it in the hands of the responsible public…let the individual decide what to do.  You just never know who knows who.  And everyone has to live somewhere…all you have to do is tell everyone where)

(PPS…of course we need to remember that Tom Wheeler and telecom are reading this at the same time you are….they can only attack people like us…i.e. Olle…just so long until they see that we're not only not going to stop…but get increasingly insistent, empowered and pissed.  Not a healthy situation for the corporate corrupt be my guess) 

Nikola Tesla…before Electrosensitization


"Nikola Tesla…the inventor of both Alternating Current Electrical Power and Wireless Communication…both now identified as carcinogenic, psychotropic and immune suppressive…was also the world's first Electro Hyper Sensitive and Wireless Radation Stimulus Addiction Case.   In his own words…I just don't feel right if i'm not in a 50,000 volt emf field…which he dosed himself with daily most of his adult life (due to chronic fatigue, paranoia and mental impairment)…with the obvious results.  Had he actually been the Genius of EMF (which Thomas Edilson was…not Tesla) he would have immediatly realized the biological effects of what he was working with instead of filing them for patent to sell to Westinghouse and GE.  Welcome to the aftermath."

Gary Lee Duncan
exec director
Smart Shelter Network
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