Saturday, August 16, 2014

Calming Behavior in Children with Autism and ADHD

Calming Behavior in Children with Autism and ADHD

I've just posted "Calming Behavior in Children with Autism and ADHD: The Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)-Lowering Protocol (That Has No Cost or Side Effects)."

The paper features Toril Jelter, MD, a Bay Area pediatrician who has offered this two-week protocol to families and seen significant changes in children's behavior; UK biologist Andrew Goldsworthy; software designer Peter Sullivan, whose two sons displayed symptoms of autism as toddlers, and now, as teenagers, do not display autistic behaviors; and BioInitiative Co-editor Cindy Sage, who offers advice to parents for reducing EMR exposure.

Also, as a project of the EMR Policy Institute, I recently posted a list of cell tower fires and collapses.

This list was compiled by Dr. David Stupin, retired physicist from the Los Alamos National Lab. It was used to help defeat the permit of a proposed cell tower at a gas station in Santa Fe, NM.

Please share these remarkable reports with concerned citizens everywhere.

Thanks for your participation,

Katie Singer

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