Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Telstra building a larger Wi-Fi network in Australia

Telstra building a larger Wi-Fi network in Australia

TELSTRA customers will share their home wi-fi in a plan to create one of the world’s largest networks of public hotspots. The telco will roll out special home broadband modems that perform their regular function but take any unused spectrum to create a public Wi-Fi hotspot for anybody nearby to use. It will also build more than 8000 dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots in at least 100 towns and cities, largely in areas with high foot traffic, such as cafe strips, shopping centres, and transport hubs. Unveiled on Tuesday, the plan is expected to create about two million hotspots across the country after it launches in early 2015. Anybody will be able to access the network for a small daily fee, though Telstra customers who opt-in to make their modem a hotspot will have free access, with the data being deducted from their home allowance.


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