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Only in Israel: WiFi measurements by averaging magnetic field level over a year

Only in Israel:  WiFi measurements by averaging magnetic field level over a year

In a local newspaper of Naharia (article not available online) it was published that magnetic field measurements will be measured from WiFi (not RF) and the results will then be averaged over one year-because the standard in Israel for magnetic field is 2 mG
on average.  In another article that is available online (below) it was published that magnetic field from Wi-Fi will be measured in Northern local authorities. Meaning the results will be handled according to the magnetic field standard, not RF standard (which is not an average).
Radiation measurements will be conducted in all schools in the North

Chairman of the Municipal Environmental Association of Western Galilee announced that the tests will be conducted soon in schools in 16 local authorities, members of the Association , including Acre , Nahariya, Ma'alot , Karmiel and MisgavNeta PelegPublished: 12/25/13 , 10:17
Municipal Environmental Association of Western Galilee in the near future will begin carrying out radiation measurements in schools in 16 local authorities in the member. Among other tests to Karmiel , Misgav , Acre, Nahariya , Ma'alot and other towns in the area.

The Association , founded in 1984 , is one of the first who worked in the field of environmental protection, and is working to promote environmental interests of local authoritiesin Western Galilee. So far performed radiation measurements Association educational institutions and various sites only to orders of local authorities. Following extensive discussions on the subject ,
it was decided in the coming period will begin a comprehensive effort in all schools .
Engineer Association , Abercrombie Gottlieb , who also serves as a measure of radiation certified , explains that the tests are designed to verify that there is no unusual exposure to a magnetic field resulting from the electricity network , mobile network , or a network Wi-Fi. 
In cases where radiation is found , steps will be taken to reduce exposure below the threshold conditions and according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Environment .
Gottlieb: "Currently, there are no regulations under the Law of Non-Ionizing Radiation determine threshold intensity of the magnetic field, but only recommendations , that the existing threshold of 2,000 mG acute exposure momentary. There is a recommendation for planning of electrical installations prolonged exposure threshold of 2 mG averaged across a year. "
It should be noted that while many parents are aware of the possibility of a mobile phone or Wi- Fi emit radiation, few know that the transmission of electricity, including electrical junction cabinets , especially high voltage lines , are strong radiation sources . For example, it became clear in the past that the radiation emitted by high voltage lines multiplies the risk of leukemia in children up to age 15 .
Gottlieb added that the operation will commence after receipt of all relevant approvals from the local authorities.
Association Chairman , David Malka : " We perform preventive activities in the field of radiation , as part of the services we provide to local authorities in areas relating to the environment . Our goal is to protect the environment and optimal quality of life of the residents . "

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