Thursday, April 05, 2007

ChemTrails, Indeed!

There are a number of theories out there regarding the Chemtrails that they have been spraying over the USA, Europe, and Japan: (1) it is a government program designed to block ultraviolet rays from killing plankton in the oceans, (2) they are pesticides being sprayed to kill a biological weapon that got loose, (3) it is an experiment in line with HAARP in Alaska to test electromagnetic weaponry, and (4) it is a plan to reduce the world's population.

My own personal theory is that it is just another pie-in-the-sky plan to get rid of nuclear waste the same way they put fluoride in our water supplies and toothpaste and the way they used radioactive depleted uranium (DU) for ammunition in Iraq. Trying to get rid of nuclear waste under the pretext of using it for something else - or trying to kill two (or more) birds with one stone. These are indeed strange times we are living in - the unconsciousness of the world is massive and extensive and goes all the way to the top levels of government and corporations! Naturally, someone is making money from this stupidity - as is usual with this kind of Unconsciousness!

btw, I saw these being sprayed all over Japan - and it really made my eyes itch and water for hours afterwards when they did. (I also believe it was aggravating my atopic dermatitis.) My own photos of Chemtrails over Tajimi, Japan:

Travelling in the very humid countries of India, Thailand, Laos, I didn't see one of these things. And in China I have seen nothing but Blue Skies! Thank God for that at least! There are over 90 video clips uploaded onto YouTube regarding these things. Here are a few:

NBC News: Chemtrails Over California

ChemTrails of Death


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