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Sarah: Electro-Sensitivity and Candida

One Member's Story - Sarah: Electro-Sensitivity and Candida

Four years ago, I was fab, fit and in my 40s with a dynamic marketing and media business, exciting social life and active sporting schedule. My lifestyle was exciting and affluent. I had energy and dynamism. Without noticing too much, I gradually succumbed to a host of symptoms which sapped my energy and stole my memory. I kept myself going but as insomnia, erratic high blood pressure and heart palpitations joined the list, I got nervous.

Two years ago, my right body tingled and I had numbness in patches down my right leg, hip and right hand. I could hear buzzing in my right ear and I suddenly lost 40% my right eye-sight overnight.

I tried my doctor, various complementary practitioners, a Chinese doctor and then as I felt more and more unwell I paid what seemed an enormous sum to visit a private 'doctor' on Harley Street. Not one of them told me what was wrong with me. This so-called 'doctor' is now being investigated by his accrediting Board. They have been unable to trace his medical qualifications and fear that he may have misrepresented his background. He diagnosed radiation on the basis of a hair test and prescribed large doses of one brand of supplements which I took religiously only to find that my health deteriorated further and that the loading on my system eventually gave me liver damage. He totally failed to diagnose the complexity of my condition.

In May 2005, I self-diagnosed radiation sickness or electro-sensitivity (ES), which is a negative biophysical response to electro-magnetic frequencies and/ or non-ionising electro-magnetic radiation. I did this with the help of several websites and their supporting writers. At this stage I was lucky to have enough energy to get up and shower, keep my house tidy, and my dog walked. All business projects were filed in my office. A light stroll with my dog would result in a myriad of symptoms overtaking me, forcing me home. I could no longer work close to computers, cordless or mobile phones without my head burning and almost exploding.

As an electro-sensitive (ES), I am currently off the NHS radar. ES formerly known as Radiation Sickness is one of the new 21st century illnesses and there could be approximately 3-10% of the Western World affected. Sweden, where the affliction is formally recognised, has more than 250,000 sufferers. In the UK, The Health Protection Agency (formerly the National Radiation Protection Board) has recently set up the HPA EMF Discussion Group which meets regularly to ascertain the extent of the ES problem in the UK. The World Health Organisation meets annually on the subject of electro-sensitivity.

Colleagues were in disbelief as my symptoms widened. My income is now zero.

To clear my system I am taking a mineral treatment prescribed to victims of Chernobyl, supplied by a pharmacy in Germany. I work voluntarily to raise the profile of the dangers of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) or non-ionising electro-magnetic radiation (NIEMR).

ES is a life sentence. Sufferers are unable to work, attend public places, travel on trains and buses, dine out, and socialise with family and friends. NHS GPs are not familiar with this problem. In the main, they are unable to recognise the symptoms and often resort to prescribing tranquillisers or referring already stressed ES patients to psychiatrists!

A consensus of experienced ES practitioners from around the world have postulated that the rain-barrel effect or accumulation of total body toxin loadings eventually gets so heavy on the body, that ES results. Therefore, the reverse of this is true, once ES is diagnosed. It is likely that the individual already suffers other stresses and toxins, largely broken down into physical, chemical and biological categories. In my case, it was an ME replica virus, chronic Candida albicans, leaky gut, accumulated pesticides, bacteria, gluten and dairy allergies and stored trauma. The challenge has been to gradually clear these deep and accumulated sources of stress and to minimise my negative response to the great increases in electromagnetic radiation we are all now subjected to on a daily basis.

I moved during this period and found that my new house was subject to severe geopathic stress, with two black lines meeting literally under my bed. I was therefore predisposed to severe conditions. The consultant recommended new bed mattresses for us all, getting rid of all interior sprung mattresses with metal spring coils and replacing with foam. He suggested wooden bed frames to replace metal bedsteads and to move our beds into other positions. He confirmed that he has tested homes and animal barns where serious sickness exists and always finds bad geopathic stress in such places.

My symptoms have developed and expanded over the past 5 years, to include:

1. Gluten and dairy intolerances
2. Digestive problems, hypoglycaemia, irritable bowel syndrome
3. Cystitis
4. Chronic Candidiasis with thrush and anal fissures
6. Hair loss (significant) & fingernail flaking
7. Fibromyalgia
8. Severe headaches
9. Bouts of irritability, anger and despair
10. Loss of libido
11. Memory loss
12. Sleep disturbance, insomnia, night terrors
13. Dizziness
14. Skin tingling and numbness
15. Right eye loss of vision acuity and constricted eye pupils under dim light
16. Erratic blood pressure up to 145/105 and now stable at 100/70
17. Heart arrhythmia & palpitations
18. Toothache and teeth loosening
19. Hearing humming & buzzing
20. Hormonal disturbances - low thyroid and oestrogen overload
21. Damaged liver and adrenals
22. Impending flu symptoms
23. Difficulty concentrating
24. Feelings of abnormal weakness that cannot be explained by routine
25. Numbness, clicking & weakness in joints and limbs

Symptoms are caused and exacerbated by electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by all manner of mobile phones, cordless home phones, wireless Internet connections, computers, microwave ovens, baby listeners, microwave room sensors linked to burglar alarms and many other sources. Powerwatch estimates that EMF emissions are some 1000 million million times greater than 30 years ago. What are we to do about this invisible peril, which affects many of us? I am unable to visit households equipped with this 21 st century technology. I am blessed with a very understanding partner and son.

I now sleep in a shielded bedroom with foil-lined wallpaper, with windows screened with EMF proof fabric. I wear a radiation proof head-net for car travel, take numerous supplements, and avoid all toxic environments. I sleep on a foam mattress supported by a wooden bed, well away from geopathic stress. I drink spring water and eat a very healthy home-cooked diet.

Additionally, I no longer use a mobile phone. Giving that up caused me withdrawal symptoms. I went through cold turkey because I was addicted to my phone. My right eye-sight has since improved enough for me not to have to wear glasses.

I work with both and h.e.s.e.-UK as their media consultant, so I am in a position to read an immense amount of European science tha tis written about health problems associated with electromagnetic radiation.

It could well turn out to be the case that microscopic fungi / Candida albicans predisposes the human system to damage from EMFs resulting in worsening symptoms if the body remains exposed to EMFs, especially at night when the body needs to repair itself and produce melatonin.

Among many projects, I am heading up a data collection exercise of case notes from ES/EHS living in the UK for compilation into a compendium of sufferers' observations for public distribution.


  1. I have mircrowave illness. the last three years i have had chronic sinus infections/throat infections. I have felt extreemly dizzy and tired. I thought it was depression. Then my husband moved the wireless router upstairs so our neighbour could use his laptop. and i started to get a terrible skin reaction, it was extreemly dry and itchy and it kept cracking and bleeding and water blisters would appear and when they broke they were very painful. I went to the doctor about it for over a year and they just kept giving me a different type of steriod cream to put on and nasonex for my sinuses. They would look at me funny when i told them about how dizzy i am . they said my blood work is normal and nothing is wrong with me. then we heard of another woman on the radio that was allergic to wireless. and so we did some research and shut off our wireless router and my hands cleared up within a week. I was able to do dishes and cut vegs and fruit without wearing gloves again! then my husband decided when i went to bed to turn on the router again cause he wanted to use his laptop upstairs and he forgot to turn it off and the next morning my hands were flaming red and in pain again with lots of water blisters again. I now try to stay away from wireless but it is everywhere. even the church and the arena has it. i can't go anywhere without having a breakout the next day. i feel dizzy and feel like getting sick when i'm around it. I don't know what to do about it. I haven't yet told my doctor about what is wrong with me because they will think it is all in my head probally, and frankly there is nothing they can really do for me anyways. I have to stay in my home if i am to feel normal. how am i suppose to live in the world we have today with this? I'll never be able to get a job outside of my home. Is there anything that can help us?

  2. oh I forgot to mention i just had a miscarriage in december. I'm wondering if the wireless might have caused that, seeing how badly my skin and body reacted to it.

  3. Erica,

    Paul Doyon is unable to access this blog as he has returned to China and it is blocked there. So that he may respond to your questions, he suggests that you join the EMF Refugee Group. To do this, go to:

  4. Erica,

    I work with Dr. George Carlo and the Science and Public Policy Institute/Safe Wireless Initiative. We are launching Intervention Programs worldwide, the first is in Germany and the second is set for the US/CA in June. We are establishing Clinical and Environmental Intervention Protocols with networks of Doctors and other practitioners so that there is a place for EHS people to come for help. We believe the pathology of cell membrane disruption can be reversed. If you, or anyone else reading this, would like more information, please feel free to contact me:

    Jill Ungar

    Assistant to the Chairman
    Science Administraion
    The Science and Public Policy Institue (
    The Safe Wireless Initiative (
    The Electromagnetic Intervention Program (www.emr-ip).

    Warm regards,


  5. My grandma also is diagnosed with electro-sensitivity and has a wide array of food allergies as well. On my quest to becoming healthy through natural remedies and organic food for myself, i stumbled across RAW FOODS, and met many people who have reversed their degenerative diseases through this life style. For example people who have reversed their diabetes type one and type two (check out simply raw reversing diabetes by gabriel cousins) people who have cured their cancers without any conventional procedures ie chemotherapy and surgery, people who have regained their memory and creativity from TBIs and most excitingly people who have cured their food allergies. I have yet to meet someone who has tried eating raw to help electrosensitivity since there are few cases of this disease, but i can most highly recommend that if you choose to research raw foods through books such as sunfood diet success system and if you check out raw healing centers such as Tree of Life and Ann Wigmore's institute, you will come across amazing and inspiring people and you will heal yourself. It all comes down to our modern day society. If we eat processed food, if we are exposed to all this radiation, pollution, and live in concrete places, our liver is overloaded with toxins, and all other organs aren't functioning properly. The further away from nature we are the more disease we see. Food is meant to be eaten the way nature has presented it and cooking it, processing it, adding chemicals preservatives, food additives to it is going to destroy the kind of living health and energy it was meant to give us. Good luck with this i vote your victory!

  6. Hello everyone, I have suffered with emf sickness since 2007. I had a professor in college that stated she was being "beamed" by her neighbors in order to get her to leave her property. Of course this was not true, however, I did notice while at her home how I became dizzy and then a brain fog came over me. It was a year later that I too became extremely sensitive to EMF. It took me 2 years of changing certain parts of my diet along with utilizing herbs to heal totally. If anyone is interested please feel free to post your email address to the forum and I will contact you and tell you what herbs I took, what dosage and what things I removed from my diet.

    God Bless All.

    1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2013

      Hi Kyle. I have severe EHS. Could you tell me what herbs you took and other things that you did that helped. I don't have the money right now but I am hoping to get disability soon. Thanks for any help or suggestions you could give.

      My email address is

      God Bless you too!

  7. I am sensitive to the all wireless communication devices and cell towers. I'm just now looking at a video on BIE, which is an allergy ellimination system. I also just purchased an earthing sleep system which I can't say works to help yet, but the literature sure is convincing. Otherwise, I notice that one of the above blogs mentions Candida as a possible cause. Interesting. I've had chronice Candida for years now. I wonder how many EHS folks are also housing this fungus? I need to learn more about why, and how this could be related.

  8. Interesting about the candida connection. Why would this trigger ehs? I have chronic candida and ehs as well.

    The only thing that helps me with my sensitivity is my meter, which helps me avoid all wireless technology.

  9. The EMFs weaken the immune system. Hence, this would basically explain why candida and other opportunistic infections take off with people overexposed to electromagnetic radiation. paul doyon

  10. It is being predicted that in the next 7 years that 50% of the population will be suffering from ES. That will be the tipping point when the industry and their talking heads will no longer be able to lie about and deny the facts.

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