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You can dump your Apple stocks where they belong and run for your lives.

By Karl Muller

The show is over, folks. It ended right here on December 9 2018, with a CBSN 60 Minutes report by Anderson Cooper titled Groundbreaking Study Examines Effects of Screen Time on Kids. This is a big NIH study on addiction, which almost accidentally looked at devices like smartphones and gaming consoles. They took brain scans of kids who spent more than seven hours a day on these devices. Here’s a quote:
Those brain scans show a thinning of the cortex — the outer layer of neural tissue responsible for processing information from each of the five senses.”
Anderson Cooper tells the NIH researcher that this is “fascinating”. And Dr. Gaya Dowling replies: “It’s very fascinating.” With a big smile. The kind of big smile you smile when you see a decades-long gravy train pulling in at your platform.
Go and look up “thinning of the cortex” for yourself. This is what happens when you get older. And it really starts happening in your 60s.
These children were aged 9–10 years. They are presenting with the brains of senility-prone senior citizens. And this is “very fascinating”.
Now: I happen to have predicted exactly this phenomenon, in fact several times right here on Medium. I’m short of time now, so I’ll take the liberty of pasting in the mail I sent to CBS’s 60 Minutes themselves:
Dear 60 Minutes,
Your recent item by Anderson Cooper on the brain damage reported in kids due to “screen time” refers.
This story lumps smartphones, tablets and video games together, as if “screen time” is the only issue.
The microwave radiation from mobile phones has been found to pathologically activate the mechanism known as long-term potentiation of the brain (LTP), in which the synapses of the cortex are systematically strengthened in response to repeated brainwave patterns. Thus a musician who practices endless scales will have a far more highly developed cortex, due to LTP.
This is a link to a 40-page legal affidavit in which I briefly outline this research, done at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. I pointed out to these researchers that the biochemical cascade they found being triggered by two minutes of cellphone radiation, the “ERK” cascade, centrally occurs in LTP. In other words, the mechanism they found being activated in living human cells by cellphone radiation is the very one that helps to hard-wire the cortex. I specifically predicted damage to the cortex in young peopleThis was a couple of years ago.
Dr Joseph Friedman, the lead researcher, wrote back to me, saying that (a) I was correct, this signal-induced ERK reaction did occur in the glial cells in connection with LTP, and (b) there was not single paper in the entire literature looking at the effects of microwaves on LTP. This is what he and his team are now researching. He insists that I should be a co-author of this paper when it is published. As a professional scientific editor, I said I would be very happy to assist with the editing.
If this study shows that cellphone radiation disrupts LTP and disturbs the development of the cortex — and I’m certain that it will, given the replicability of this ERK phenomenon and the fact that it occurs with just 120 seconds of ordinary cellphone radiation — then we have an explanation for the “fascinating” finding of premature thinning of the cortex reported by the NIH.
The NIH’s own Nora Volkow also did research some years ago showing highly elevated glucose metabolism in the brain on the side nearest to which a handset was being held. This is not supposed to be happening with non-ionising radiation, but something is definitely “cooking” in the brain while people talk.
What you should have emphasised, and I’m not surprised that you didn’t, is that this thinning of the cortex typically starts getting bad in your 60s. You are clearly showing that 9- and 10-year-olds are showing the sort of senility you expect of a 60-year-old. This is drastically “premature”. Please follow the link in this story to see how I was predicting exactly this in 2004, to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa, in persuading them to ban cellphone ads to small kids. I quoted Dr Leif Salford, of Lund University in Sweden, who in 2003 was predicting “teenage dementia” as a result of brain damage from toxins leaking across the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Two hours of cellphone radiation was enough to cause major brain damage in rats, due to this factor. Again, two minutes of radiation is enough to show damage to the BBB.
Suddenly, you are all talking about “screen time”. Look at radiation. Those devices are not equal in the damage they cause.
Please feel free to contact me if you want any further details. If you’d like to see the sworn part of my affidavit, and details of my fruitless attempts to get the World Health Organization to respond to any queries on this issue, please follow this link.
All the best
Mr Karl M Muller
Kingdom of Eswatini
I sent that to them on 17 December, I’m not holding my breath for a reply, this is just laying a trail.
Is anyone awake here? Apple basically invented the smartphone, and encouraged gentlemen to put them in their front pockets, rather than their back pockets, thus radiating their testicles at levels above the FCC limits. This makes Apple liable. They tell customers to hold the phones 0.36 inches from the head, to prevent them from exceeding the FCC thermal guidelines, the worst in the world from a protective point of view by a long way. And then the phones give you such crap reception that you jam the device right against your head, just when it is radiating at its very highest. And no one warns you.
I have researched the insurance aspect of mobile phones and wireless technology for decades now, as you will see in the affidavit to which I link above. And I can give you the precise estimate that the actuaries provide, when asked what the liability will be for the operators. It’s contained in one word. “Incalculable.” Maybe that should be two words: In  Calculable.
But one thing I’ll tell you: it’s far, far more than the net worth of Apple compounded many times. The chickens are coming home to roost for these blind idiots, who took powerful microwave transmitters and jammed them against the heads of just about every child on the planet. Crimes against humanity doesn’t even begin to cover it. You’ll see the following words in this documentary:

“We’re sort of in the midst of a natural kind of uncontrolled experiment on the next generation of children.”

This is Dr. Dimitri Christakis of Seattle Children’s Hospital, the lead author of the American Academy of Pediatrics’s most recent guidelines for screen time.
This quote is just a gem. We’re “sort of” “in the midst” of a “natural” “kind of” “uncontrolled experiment” on the next generation of children? What about the last generation of children? We are busy waiting for the Mobi-Kids study to report their findings on mobile phone use and brain cancer in children. This will take years, from bitter previous experience. Do any of you remember agreeing to sign your kids up for an experiment on the microwave irradiation of their brains? When they put masts up in your kindergarten playgrounds, were you ever asked to give informed consent on a long-term whole-body microwave irradiation experiment on your toddlers?
Some of us have been asking these questions, again and again, for decades. And pointing to the Nuremberg Code, which all the Allied nations signed at the end of World War 2, banning human experimentation without informed consent. The mainstream press is entirely silent. Now suddenly there is this “fascinating” finding about brain damage in kids. And it’s suddenly “screen time” that is the big issue. Kids have been looking at screens for decades, much worse screens than the present ones, the old cathode ray tubes were bathing us in electronic hash. But we’ve never seen brain damage like this.
It’s not screen time. It’s microwave radiation. You can watch the Secretary General of the United Nations himself proudly and repeatedly proclaiming his total ignorance on this subject:
Now, António Guterres is an electrical engineer who studied and lectured in telecommunications. Go look it up. Yet he has never heard of the dangers of microwave radiation, despite the decades of seething controversy in the field. It’s all hushed up by the mass media. And even industry professionals have never heard of the problem.
Guterres wins applause and laughter by saying that he has wi-fi in his own house. This is treated as a huge joke by him and his audience. A big fat joke.
But if it is found that he received one single briefing on this subject, about the many appeals made to the United Nations, including several appeals direct to the Secretary General’s office, all ignored, all unacknowledged…
If just one whisper had reached his ears, and a decision was taken for him to exercise “plausible deniability”…
Then this smiling gentleman is not just lying, he is directly complicit in genocide. You can see my estimate here that we are talking of a minimum of 150 million people worldwide, killed or incapacitated by this technology. This link shows how the New York Times is a prime source of fake news on this subject.
Follow the link I give above, where I document a part of my correspondence with the United Nations. You will see that I have repeatedly directly lobbied His Excellency Mr António Guterres myself, using multiple email addresses to try to get through. You will see that no matter how hard we try, we can never even get an acknowledgement of receipt from these people, let alone a proper considered reply. Kafka’s impenetrable castle, Das Schloss, has nothing on the UN and its walls of transparent opacity and invisible accountability.
Watch that video, and see a consummate diplomat lie through his teeth with a smile. I wrote a piece recently on Medium in which I said that the most important tool of any diplomat is plausible deniability. What you don’t know is much more important than what you do know. My subheading was “Only Ignorance Is Invincible”. And here you see intentional ignorance being deployed to perfection. Smile and lie and smile some more.
This is an open genocide being carried out on the human race and all other species on this planet. This is being carried out with sniggers and little sneering jokes and “tinfoil hat” insinuations. The favoured word of the WHO for people who report illnesses from microwave technology is “idiopathic”. Dr Gregory House of the TV series House MD performed one very useful service in revealing exactly what “idiopathic” really means in doctor-speak. It means “idiot”.
Even Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, a medical doctor specialising in environmental medicine, a former Prime Minister of Norway, and the frikkin Director General of the World Health Organization itself, was hounded and described as hysterical and unstable by the “experts” at WHO, when she said she was made ill by microwave radiation. And she was hounded early from her job as DG of WHO, to be replaced by the entirely microwave-compliant Dr Margaret Chan, who point-blank refused to acknowledge any queries about the subject. If Dr Gro Brundtland is treated like this, what chance does a tinfoil-hat crazy have, who cannot sleep and has headaches near a mast and hears buzzing noises? The doctors will prescribe antipsychotics and painkillers and sleeping pills, of course. They’re making fortunes from all of this. And then call you “idiopathic” if you persist in saying that these problems only started occurring when that mast went up near your bedroom.
If a mast is radiating under FCC limits, then local authorities in the USA are explicitly forbidden by Federal law from taking any steps to mitigate environmental exposure, did you know this? All local authorities are explicitly forbidden by Federal law from taking any precautions, no matter what representations are made by citizens, no matter what illnesses are reported. Thank the Telecoms Act of 1996, the most fascist Act in the entire history of the United States. Thank Bill Clinton. Take a look: monopolies and masts all over the landscape, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
And take a look at the end of the affidavit I reference above, to see a study from Brazil showing literally thousands of excess cancer deaths around masts, the death rates rising steadily as you get nearer to the mast. The bodies are literally piling up around masts, and the WHO orders researchers not to look at cancer around masts. We don’t want to know the results of this experiment.
The story is too long to go into here, but the show really is over, if you have eyes to see. How did Anderson Cooper get to be chosen to be the man saying “Fascinating!” over the fact that we have destroyed the brains of an entire generation of kids, and have warped the genetics of the next generation beyond repair? Who can tell. Well, they’ve got my email address, if they want to know just how fascinating this story really is.
Sell Apple. Now.

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