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New Paper: EMF effects on mouse brain proteome

New Paper: EMF effects on mouse brain proteome

Press release: January 25, 2012
The research group of Professor Lukas Margaritis (Faculty of Biology, University of Athens and the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens), within the framework of the activities seeking for the truth underlining the possible effects of daily life electromagnetic fields, has performed this study as part of the Doctorate Dissertation of Adamantia F. Fragopoulou.
Using ordinary working conditions of mobile phone and wireless DECT base and by applying state of the art proteome science approaches, they demonstrated that a large number of major brain proteins have been changed. Namely proteins that are responsible for the integrity of brain functions, in such critical regions like hippocampus, cerebellum and frontal lobe are below normal levels whereas an equally large number are found well above physiological levels. These “underexpressed” or “overexressed” proteins may play a role in the short term or long term effects reported as a consequence of mobile phone exposure, including memory deficits, headaches, sleep disorders, brain tumors.
This study is the first large scale analysis of the mouse brain proteome to be published so far. The research team having recently been awarded a large “Thalis” grant is potentially aiming in elucidating the EMF effects from the molecular level up to the organism level, exploiting the most suitable model systems (mice, insects, nematodes, lizards, cell cultures, human skin).
Published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Early Online: 1–25, 2012 Copyright Q Informa Healthcare USA, Inc.
Brain proteome response following whole body exposure of mice to mobile phone or wireless DECT base radiation
Adamantia F. Fragopoulou1, Athina Samara2, Marianna H. Antonelou1, Anta Xanthopoulou3, Aggeliki Papadopoulou3, Konstantinos Vougas3, Eugenia Koutsogiannopoulou2, Ema Anastasiadou2, Dimitrios J. Stravopodis1, George Th. Tsangaris3 & Lukas H. Margaritis1
1Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics, Athens University, Athens, Greece, 2Genetics and Gene Therapy Division, Center of Basic Research II, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Athens, Greece, and 3Proteomics Research Unit, Center of Basic Research II, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Athens, Greece
The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of two sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on the proteome of cerebellum, hippocampus, and frontal lobe in Balb/c mice following long-term whole body irradiation. Three equally divided groups of animals (6 animals/group) were used; the first group was exposed to a typical mobile phone, at a SAR level range of 0.17– 0.37 W/kg for 3 h daily for 8 months, the second group was exposed to a wireless DECT base (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications/Telephone) at a SAR level range of 0.012– 0.028 W/kg for 8 h/day also for 8 months and the third group comprised the sham-exposed animals. Comparative proteomics analysis revealed that long-term irradiation from both EMF sources altered significantly (p , 0.05) the expression of 143 proteins in total (as low as 0.003 fold downregulation up to 114 fold overexpression). Several neural function related proteins (i.e., Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP), Alpha-synuclein, Glia Maturation Factor beta (GMF), and apolipoprotein E (apoE)), heat shock proteins, and cytoskeletal proteins (i.e., Neurofilaments and tropomodulin) are included in this list as well as proteins of the brain metabolism (i.e., Aspartate aminotransferase, Glutamate dehydrogenase) to nearly all brain regions studied. Western blot analysis on selected proteins confirmed the proteomics data. The observed protein expression changes may be related to brain plasticity alterations, indicative of oxidative stress in the nervous system or involved in apoptosis and might potentially explain human health hazards reported so far, such as headaches, sleep disturbance, fatigue, memory deficits, and brain tumor long-term induction under similar exposure conditions.

Marcelo Paganini Interviews Art Kab about the EMR-CFS Connection.

Marcelo Paganini Interviews Art Kab about the EMR-CFS Connection.

1) How did you find out about CFS/ME in the first place?

I started to experience more and more bizarre symptoms and become increasingly sick starting in and around March of 2005. I didn't know what was happening to me. When I googled my symptoms, two disease states kept coming up: (1) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and (2) AIDS. (These two states are actually closely related). I had a blood test ruling out the latter so I finally went to see the local CFS expert in Fukuoka who confirmed my suspicions. However, I seemed to know more than he did by that point and I had him prescribe me two things: (1) sleeping pills, and (2) antibiotics (since I strongly suspected at that point that the condition was caused by Mycoplasma [according to Dr. Garth 
Nicolson's theories]). This doctor I had gone to see had never even heard about Dr. Garth Nicolson or the connection between Mycoplasma and CFS but I gave him some papers to read and he was open-minded enough to actually read them.

2) When did you learn about the adverse health effects caused by microwave technology?

I had been sick and searching for answers for about six months and trying all kinds of treatments (e.g. Vitamin C and SaltWhey Powder, etc.). I had finally read of an account of a person with CFS/ME and Crohn's Disease who had been keeping a journal on a website of his ordeal. His last entry stated that when he had moved to his parent's house in the French countryside, all his symptoms had disappeared and that the cause of his problems had been extremely high levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation in his apartment in a European city where he had been living. Around this time, I had also gone to visit an alternative Japanese doctor by the name of Dr. Yayama in Yamato City in Saga Prefecture. I was surprised to see that in his pamphlet it clearly stated that disease was caused by five factors: (1) one's genes, (2) metal toxicity, (3) chemical toxicity, (4) pathogens, and yes (5) exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). On the ride home from his office that day, I suddenly noticed the microwave towers all over the place.

A search on the Internet showed that the symptoms and abnormalities found in
Microwave Sickness are remarkably identical to those found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I also noticed that I felt better at night (when people are not using their cell phones) as the majority of people with CFS/ME do. Additionally, I noticed that I would get these indescribable anxiety attacks at specific times of the day, which I was able to correlate with peak cell-phone usage time in Japan. Finally, I had noticed that in going to specific places that I would feel much better. I later realized that this was indeed because these places had less of this electrosmog. There is even a Yahoo Group called 
CFS/ME/CFIDS: Feel Great Destinations, formed by people who have found that when they leave a Western country to some third-world country, that their CFS symptoms disappear. I attribute this to the fact that these countries were using less-advanced cell phone systems (e.g. 2G instead of 3G etc.).

3) How long did it take you to find a connection between CFS/ME and microwave illness?

It didn't take me long, though as I said above I didn't even suspect it at all for the first six months. However, the more I researched it, the more obvious it became. The pieces just fit together. For any open-minded person to take a serious look at this, it really becomes a no-brainer.

4) Why did you move from Japan to China?

I had eventually found a log house up in the mountains of 
Saga Prefecture, Japan where there was no cell-phone or TV reception. Originally we decided to just stay up there for three days to see how I felt. I would say that 50% of my symptoms disappeared in the first 24 hours. We ended up staying there for four months and at that point I would say that I was approximately 85% recovered. However, it took two months to get off the sleeping pills. Fortunately, this place was also close to Dr. Yayama's clinic so I was also making quite regular visits to see him.

As I started to heal, my body also started to become extremely sensitive to EMR – especially microwave radiation. We would be driving down the road and before we could even see a cell-phone tower, I was able to actually feel it. I started to also become sensitive to radiation from cell phones. If someone were to make a cell-phone call near me, it would make me really sick. Once we went to this cafe way up in the mountains and the only other customers were a bunch of farmers. I was telling my wife how it felt pretty good there, when this woman walked in. I immediately said to my wife that she had a cell phone. At that point, she whipped it out of her bag and started yakking on it. Later we checked and she was in fact the only person in this cafe to have a cell phone.

At any rate, I finally realized that I could not stay in this log house forever and when I felt that I was healthy enough to travel, I took off on a trip looking for a new place to live. I finally chose 
Yunnan Province in China. The air is relatively clean and the weather is quite pleasant. However, the Chinese people are completely addicted to their cell phones, so I see this as only a temporary place to live. So while it is still radiated here, it is much better than Japan, which must be one of the most electropolluted countries in the world.

5) What kind of treatment has been effective to treat your condition?

The number one thing that people can do for this condition is to remove themselves from an environment high in electromagnetic radiation. And if that is not possible then shielding is another option needed to create a place low in EMR. There is silver-lined material available that can be placed over windows and quite effective for blocking out microwave radiation. There is also a German-made paint called 
Y-Shield effective for blocking microwave radiation passing through walls. Also, microwaves will enter the house via electric wires contributing to what is called dirty electricity, so I – and others – have found that the use of Graham-Stetzer filters to be very helpful. Professor Magda Havas, (Ph.D.) and Dave Stetzer have done some interesting research along these lines. I personally hit the outside breaker before I go to sleep and hence stop any electricity from entering the house.

Secondly, I would say that chelation therapy is highly effective in removing any heavy metals from one's body, but this needs to be done carefully. First of all, removing any metal fillings from one's mouth is necessary – and chelation therapy (administered by a professional) should be followed by this. However, it is extremely important that one has first removed oneself from the electrosmog environment for at least eight weeks before one starts doing any heavy-duty chelation therapy.

Thirdly, taking a large variety of antioxidants is extremely helpful since one of the adverse effects of exposure to EMR is the creation of free radicals, which go onto damage the cell wall, the mitochondria, and DNA.

Since microwave radiation and other forms of EMR are known to lower one's Natural Killer (NK) cell count – which are an essential component of one's immune system – doing things to boost this are essential. There is a relatively new line of products out there made from what are called Transfer Factors, which not only boost one's NK cell counts, but also target specific viruses and pathogens. They are made by injecting cows and chickens with viruses and other pathogens to which a form of antibodies called Transfer Factors are produced in and extracted from the milk and eggs respectively. Hence, they have been found to be extremely effective for treating CFS.

There is also a Chinese medicine formula known as Hochu-ekki-to in Japan and Bu zhong yi chi in China, which is highly effective in strengthening one's immune system and boosting NK cell counts. (Interestingly, as the article to the second link above suggests, this is also useful in treating radiation-induced disorders, which is exactly what I am saying is the underlying cause of CFS.) When I first became sick, I completely lost my appetite (and my sex drive) and dropped about 40 pounds (18 kilograms) in one month. A local Japanese doctor of Chinese medicine prescribed this formula and it literally brought me back from the depths of the abyss. (Also seeEffect of Hochu-ekki-to…on…Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.)

Moreover, stimulation of a number of acupuncture points via acupuncture is also very helpful in that it balances the energy in the meridians flowing through the body. For example, the acupuncture point Zusanli (Stomach 36) has also been found to be very effective in stimulating production of NK cells. Dr. Douglas Yi Wang has written an excellent article titled "Acupuncture and TCM Approaches for CFS" on treating CFS with Chinese medicine, which we might guess could also be applied to the treatment of Microwave Sickness. Thus one can easily theorize that EMR disrupts the energy flow in these meridians – and can very well be likened to what is known as "Evil Chi" (xieqi) in Chinese medicine theory.

With regards to taking care of the mycoplasma infections, a product called Myco – from Raintree Nutrition using a number of herbs collected from the Amazon rainforest – is very effective for this. I had taken a bottle to Dr. Yayama to examine using a bioresonance machine he invented called Zero Search, and his response was to get off the antibiotics because this was much more effective. I took his advice and haven't had any problems since.

At one point, I had developed these ugly warts all over my hands. I had been seeing a dermatologist who would freeze them off once a week and they would always just return the following week. I finally had Dr. Yayama look at them. He used his Zero Search machine in conjunction with the German Rayometer. He kept on turning the dial on the Rayometer checking different frequencies while he waved this kind of laser wand over my hands. Finally, he said "Candida." He gave me some cream to hold in my hand while he checked its effectiveness with his machine. I used it and the warts were gone within a week. When I went to see the dermatologist again, he was quite shocked and amazed.

6) Is there a way to prevent people from getting sick, especially children?

Well, the real simple solution would be to get to the root of the problem and to limit the amount of EMR populations are all being exposed to on a daily basis. However, because of the massive unconsciousness out there, that is unfortunately not going to happen in the near future. There is just too much money being made on both ends – by Big Cellular and by Big Pharma! And then people are addicted (like drug addicts) to their little microwave electromagnetic devices. There is a lot of denial out there! So in the meantime we just have to limit our exposure to this electrosmog as much as possible and do other things to stay healthy.

7) Can Faraday cages and other devices be effective to protect people from these microwave technologies?

Yes, anything that shields one from the microwave radiation is effective. Our bodies need a space and time away from the onslaught of EMR to try to recover from its deleterious effects and this has to be at least when we are sleeping. Personally, I sleep under a net made out of mesh lined with silver and this does a good job of cutting out the microwave radiation and I sleep quite well. I cannot sleep when the microwave radiation is at a certain level as experienced when staying in certain hotel rooms. 
8) Don't you have the feeling that this disease looks like a curse because the official science, the mass media, and the general public seem to be unable to accept – let alone – understand the principles and consequences of the disease?
It seems as if the only way to get a full understanding of the illness and the danger it poses for the whole of mankind is for people to either get sick or for one of their close family members to get sick.

Yes, it really a major quagmire that we have gotten ourselves into it seems. The cell phone industry makes hundreds of billions of dollars in profits yearly and they pay governments a good portion of their profits – billions of dollars in licensing fees – every year. Moreover, with all that money they have the resources to influence policy decisions and public opinion directly or indirectly on a number of levels: through campaign contributions to politicians, advertising revenue for media outlets, funding for scientific researchers, donations to supposedly charitable organizations and so on. It is also well known (in some circles) that they have even infiltrated a number of governmental and international organizations like the FDA and WHO. They seem to have covered all the bases to protect themselves and to forward their interests. However, the one true thing they have going against themselves is that they are very obviously in the wrong!

Then on the other hand, like I said before, people are so addicted to their cell phones and their WiFi that they cannot even imagine their life without them – and hence refuse to give them up. Of course, this is exactly what the cell phone industry wants – and it has even been postulated that there are certain 
frequencies, by design, which stimulate the production of opioids in the brain. I know people with friends and family members that have developed brain tumors who all still continue to wield their cellular weapons. Now, is that sick or what? Don't they realize that by owning cell phones themselves, they are indirectly responsible for giving their friends and family members these brain tumors? They are like heroin addicts that cannot give up heroin even though they know it is destroying their life and the lives of their families and friends. Cell phones have become the electromagnetic drug of the 21st Century. However, I must say that the situation with cell phones – on a global scale – I fear is much more serious than any heroin addiction. And the sad part is – while truly being a serious crime against humanity and wildlife – is perfectly legal and accepted as perfectly normal by the majority of the population.

9) Is there any country that is more advanced in this subject, either by having stricter microwave standards or by having a more knowledgeable medical industry that could become a safe haven for people made sick by this technology?

It seems like Austria – and especially the city of 
Salzburg – is at the forefront of recognizing the dangers and doing something about it. They apparently have the strictest regulations in the world. Unfortunately, I think it is very difficult for people to immigrate there – unless, of course, you are an EU citizen. If I were an EU citizen, I think that this is the place that I would certainly go to live. It would be nice if they would accept EMR refugees though and that the UN would establish such a status.

10) Have you heard that the longer patients are sick with CFS/ME the harder it is for them to recover?

Well, naturally one would assume that the longer one has been sick and exposed to environmental toxins like EMR, the more difficult it will be for them to recover. However, having said that, I feel that the human body – and mind - given the right conditions is capable of remarkable things. Unfortunately, people who have been sick for a long time also tend to be more skeptical and leery about possible cures. The most important thing is to never give up hope and to keep a positive and open mind about things. I think the main reason I recovered had to do with the fact that I was open to things and I did try to keep a positive attitude about recovering. Finally, I prayed.

11) Is there any hope in our fight against an extremely powerful cell-phone industry (which represents billions of dollars in profits and thousands of jobs, which buys advertising in the mass media, and which donates massive amounts of money to politicians)? Is there any hope against Big Pharma, which is trying to develop drugs – which would bring in billions – from the treatment of CFS/ME? Is there hope against the psychiatric/psychological lobby, which are happy to "treat" all these "depressed, paranoid, and you name it" patients by the thousands?
Can we trust them at all for treating people with CFS/ME? Collective hallucination they say! They hide the cell phone masts saying that if people cannot see them they will not be sick, or more exactly, will not be able to tell what is causing their illness! Also in many third world countries, like Brazil for instance, or in remote areas everywhere, cell phones are the only alternative for thousand of people since no wired phone lines are available...

It seems to me that there are a lot of experts out there with regards to CFS/ME and they all have a piece of the puzzle but they all seem to be barking up only one of the trees – looking at one piece of the puzzle – and not really looking at the big picture. In other words, to use the old cliche "they cannot see the forest for the trees." I am guessing that part of it has to do with too much left-brained thinking. Here we have a lot of highly intelligent people only using half of their brain, analyzing, taking the pieces apart, but not really being able to put them back together. I think that when we realize that large numbers of people started to get sick with this syndrome around 1984 – the same time commercial cell-phone service spread across the USA – then we are looking at a major piece of this puzzle. Of course, there are pathogens involved, but these are rather opportunistic in nature and are only secondary to something else that is weakening the immune system – i.e., electromagnetic radiation. Of course, it is well known that people with CFS go on to develop heart problems – and 
Dr. Cheney has even recently made this the basis of his theory regarding CFS. However, we also know that exposure to microwave radiation is known to eventually cause heart problems and is a major eventual symptom in what is known as "Microwave Sickness" or "Microwave Syndrome." We know that exposure to EMR causes a deluge of free radicals, which wreck havoc .. walls, mitochondria, and DNA. Recently, Professor Martin Pall has proposed the consumption of antioxidants as a cure for CFS, but he conveniently leaves out any mention of EMR – in spite of numerous studies showing that microwaves and other EMR are a major cause of the creation of free radicals and the depletion of the body's natural antioxidants like Melatonin, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione. I sent him an email with a number of abstracts of these studies and he stated that while he realized non-ionizing radiation was also a cause of the creation of free radicals he was quite surprised by the possible extent made known to him by these studies. However, I have yet to see him mention this publicly.

So it seems like the bottom line here is how much money someone can make and no one wants to rock the boat, and jeopardize their positions by speaking the Truth. So they just go along with the farce and nothing changes! So even with all these so-called CFS experts out there barking up their respective trees, more and more people have succumbed to CFS. I read recently that a telephone survey by the CDC put the number at one in forty in the USA. People would rather trust their doctors than their own rational thought. Personally, I don't trust doctors and the few times that I have only resulted in causing me more problems. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way – but I did learn! Doctors are trained to think a certain way – most of them cannot think out of the box! Most have a hard time moving away from their pathogen paradigms. Of course, there are the exceptions – like Dr. Yayama, who is light years ahead of most of his cohorts in Japan, or the German 
Interdisciplinary Society of Environmental Medicine, the German doctors who penned the Freiburger Appeal. They were able to notice early on that many of the symptoms found in CFS are indeed caused by exposure to EMR.

12) Are you aware about some research showing that leaky gut syndrome (fructose/lactose/gluten mal-absorption) can make people have CFS/ME more easily than others, but other poisons used in agriculture, domestic cleaning, mercury dental fillings, aspartame, etc. can also trigger/worsen the condition?

There is no doubt in my mind that the combination of EMR with heavy metal toxicity and/or chemical toxicity exponentially exasperates the effects one would experience if one were exposed only to one of these alone. While I believe that EMR is the main underlying factor in this disease state, it is also truly an interaction of several factors: EMR exposure, metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, pathogens, and genetic predisposition. 
Dr. Michael J. Goldberg has been able to find some interesting parallels between CFS/ME, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and a number of other neurodegenerative diseases and groups them together in what he termsNIDS (Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome). Recently, Dr. George Carlo in a paper with Tamara J. Mariea was able to connect Autism with both EMR exposure and mercury toxicity. They took these kids with Autism and put them in EMR-free environments, put them on a special protocol, and measured their heavy-metal excretion. Outside of an EMR environment, their bodies started to excrete all kinds of heavy metals. Kids that couldn't talk started talking. It is absolutely mind-boggling. The exposure to EMR was causing the mercury and other heavy metals to get trapped inside the cells. We can only guesstimate at this point that it is doing the same with chemicals in our systems.

With regards to Leaky Gut Syndrome, well it is common knowledge that exposure to microwave radiation will open the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) allowing things like viruses and toxins in that under normal circumstances wouldn't be going there. So if microwave radiation opens the BBB one has to wonder what other barriers in the body it might be opening. Is it also opening the stomach-blood barrier? I think that is a question that we need to ask. People with these illnesses (CFS/ME, Autism, ADHD) often have systemic yeast/Candida infections – not to mention mold problems – and this has often been connected with Leaky-gut syndrome. One thing of note is that certain microwave frequencies have been shown to stimulate the growth of both Candida and mold – not to mention also bacteria growth. Therefore this might also be a factor here. I am not aware if leaky-gut syndrome was part of my own personal problem, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if the microwave radiation and other forms of EMR has something to do with it since exposure to microwave radiation is know to affect every organ of the body down to its cellular level. All these intestinal problems – e.g. Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis – all seemed to appear or increase with the advent of this technology. As you know, nausea and intestinal disturbances are part of the symptomology of CFS. They are also part of the symptomology of Microwave Sickness or Microwave Syndrome. A number of people who have either lost or had their cell phones stolen and never bothered to replace them have told me that once they lost their cell phones, their intestinal disturbances mysteriously and suddenly disappeared.

One thing I forgot to mention above has to do with fillings. Before I became really sick I had had my amalgam (mercury) fillings removed and replaced with ceramic hybrids in Japan – which the dentist thought was the next best thing to sliced bread. After that, I moved to Australia I realized that this was making me sick. I went to see a so-called biological dentist in Australia who replaced these with what are called glass ionomer fillings. These made me even sicker because they were made specifically to leech fluoride into one's system. The conventional thinking among dentists is that if a little fluoride prevents cavities then more is better. Well, this made me even sicker. My eyes swelled up like golf balls after he put in these fillings and I needed to take corticosteroids to calm down the swelling. However, he continued to deny that this had anything to do with it and replaced all my ceramic hybrids with this toxic material. I was nauseous for nine months and started to also develop bone problems – especially along my spine. Finally, when I was back in the States I went to see another of these biological dentists who replaced all these glass-ionomer fillings with gold and a touch of iridium (used in cell phones). It didn't feel right but I figured that this was the best I could do. However, unbeknownst to me, this was also turning my mouth into an antenna. Finally, after seeing Dr. Yayama, who has a number of dentists working under him, I had all these removed and now only have holes where the fillings once were. Now, this was over two years ago and I have not had any problems with my teeth since and feel a lot better. I have come to the conclusion that it is just not natural to put some chemical or metal material in one's mouth. Actually, the teeth are right over a number of acupuncture points which correspond to a number of meridians in the body and putting something there can completely disrupt the flow of energy through these meridians. Another thing I used to chelate the fluoride out of my system was Lugal's Iodinesolution. So, naturally, I feel that this was also indeed part of the problem. I also have come to the conclusion that a lot of these so-called "biological" dentists are just really bad dentists who would under normal circumstances not normally be able to get patients. Hence, they resort to becoming "biological" dentists. All I can say is "Be careful when choosing a dentist."

13) Have you found any research regarding what kind of food one should consume or avoid to help treat the condition?

I would say that eating a wide range of natural organic foods including lots of fruits and vegetables high in natural antioxidants plus good sources of natural organic protein to supply the amino acids needed to repair the damage are necessary to maintain one's health in this electrosmog environment. Also staying away from all kinds of inorganic – especially GM –foods, chemical additives, preservatives, etc. should be helpful.

14) Is it safe to heat up food using a microwave oven?

Absolutely not! Research has shown that eating 
microwaved food weakens the immune system and alters the blood chemistry. Moreover, it has been found that microwaved food has a much higher bacterial content than food heated by more conventional means.

15) Don't you think that it is very strange that many people with this condition are rather intelligent high achievers – as if the technology is targeting the smartest individuals first?

Perhaps! People who are more sensitive tend to also be more intelligent. Also, more intelligent people are the ones who will do the research to try to discover what is causing their problem. I had gone to a number of doctors in Japan who couldn't tell me what was wrong. I could have stopped there and accepted their diagnosis that there was nothing wrong with me. However, I did the research on the Internet. I found a doctor who was the specialist in CFS in Fukuoka at Kyushu University Hospital. He immediately knew what to test for. He tested for a number of viruses which all came up positive. But he could only help me by prescribing antibiotics and sleeping pills and by offering emotional support. Actually, I knew more than he did by the time I had gone to see him. Fortunately, he wasn't arrogant and was interested in reading and researching the papers I gave him on the subject. However, I could have also stopped there, but I didn't and was eventually able to find the real causes of my problem and take the actions needed to get better.

16) Are you aware that for the past few years in some parts of the world people have been committing suicide; have been forced into psychiatric hospitals; have lost families, friends and jobs; and have been accused in court of being bad parents, and so on, just because they got sick?

I can only suspect so much! It is really a crazy world we are living in. People and organizations – especially in the West – tend to focus on the dispositional while ignoring the environmental or social factors. They cannot – or do not want to – think outside of the box.

17) Is there any other danger you are concerned about or that you feel people should know about?

I think the biggest dangers we have here are the psychological ones: Greed/Selfishness, Ignorance/Stupidity, Arrogance, Denial, and Complacency.

18) Do you have and use wireless Internet computers, wireless phones, and cell phones? Any recommendation about things to do and to avoid in everyday life?

Absolutely not! I think one of the largest setbacks to this cause is when a reporter asks an expert this question and he or she answers in the affirmative.

19) Are there some final considerations you want to share with our readers?

Don't be complacent! Do something about this problem! And firstly, "Lose the cell phone! Lose the WiFi! Lose the .. (cordless) phone." "Just say No!"

20) Can I have your permission to put the English version of this interview on my Myspace blog on the Internet?