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EMR Action Day 
21 April – Get involved      
Unplug Sunday with IBE!
Go Wireless-free on Earth Day 2012
Shut down the "second hand smoke" of the new millennium, give yourselves (and the birds the bees the frogs the trees) a 24-hour health break this Sunday, 22 April.
Just because your government cites safe exposure limits of up to a quintillion times - that's 18 zeroes -  the background radiofrequency radiation levels at 1.8 GHz as being safe (as in harmless) for humans and all living things, doesn't mean YOU have to.
Turn off your wireless routers, your cordless phones, your baby monitors, your cellphones (get reacquainted with your corded landline) for just 24 hours.
And keep your laptop off your lap!
Here's an easy experiment: unplug it all before you go to bed on Saturday night, and see how you feel when you wake up Sunday morning. You just might find out what eight uninterrupted hours of restful sleep does for you.
Read about the SmartMeter Invasion, download Peter Sierck's groundbreaking whitepaper from the IBE website (find the link in the right hand column)

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April 20, 2012  -  Earth Day Action -  Turn Off YourWireless for Earth Day 

Turn off your Wireless Devices for Earth Day

Who would be foolish enough run a microwave oven with the dooropen!  And yet, WiFi operating at the same frequency as amicrowave oven, using a pulsed modulated radiofrequency (RF) signal,that studies have demonstrated to be biologically active, is becomingubiquitous.  In many cities, WiFi has been installedcitywide. 

Few Americans realize that pulsed RF microwave radiation has not beensafety tested and that the safety guidelines formulated by industryorganizations and adopted by the FCC do not protect the population(including women, children, pregnant women, smaller men, the elderly andthe infirm) from biological effects or damage.  The FCC RF safetyguidelines are solely designed to protect a 6-ft 200-lb male from thermalharm during a 6-minute (occupational) or 30-minute (general public)exposure.  This standard of “protection” is irrelevant to the waywireless technology is being used today.  See: throughp.26.

In its June 1999 letter to the IEEE’s Risk Assessment Work Group, theU.S. Radiofrequency Interagency WorK Group (federal RF experts from theEPA, FDA, FCC, OSHA, NIH and NTIA) stated that, “A clear rationale needsto be developed to support the exposure guidelines for chronic as well asacute exposure.” (

Also in 1999, the FDA nominated RF radiation emissions from wirelesscommunications devices to the National Toxicology Program forToxicological Studies for research ( because of, “widespread consumer and worker exposure,” andbecause, “the available data is inadequate to properly assesssafety.”  FDA’s nomination further stated that:

It is not scientifically possible to guarantee those non-thermal levelsof microwave radiation, which do not cause deleterious effects forrelatively short exposure, will not cause long-term adverse healtheffects.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of WHOclassified RF radiation ( ) as a class 2B possible human carcinogen. 

Biological effects from exposure to low-intensity RF radiationdemonstrated in peer-reviewed published research include:  increasedrisk of cancer, DNA breakage, compromised blood-brain barrier, impairedfertility, and metabolic changes ( 

Biological mechanisms at the cellular level that have been demonstratedin peer-reviewed published studies of exposure to radiation from wirelessdevices include changes in enzyme activity, changes in Ca2+homeostasis that alters nerve activity and intercellular communications,increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier, and immune systemimpairment. 

Exposure to RF radiation, of the types that operate wireless devices,causes DNA breakage, including the double strand DNA breakage that maylead to cancer.  The breakage is not caused solely by ionization,rather it can occur through oxidation.  Both ionizing andnon-ionizing radiation, at low intensities, cause the samefree-radical-forming chemical reaction.  The resulting free radicalsoxidize and break DNA.
The symptoms people report experiencing upon exposure to wireless devicesare consistent with the symptoms of radiofrequency sickness.  Toread an authoritative paper on radiofrequency sickness, see the review ofthe Soviet literature by Christopher Dodge of the Biosciences Division,Naval Observatory.  It can be

Turn off your wireless devices for Earth Day and ontact your Senators andCongressmen  today.

Urge your Members of Congress to sponsor legislation to:Repeal Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act to restorelocal authority for siting base station antennas on the environmentaleffects of radiofrequency radiation.
Mandate that the EPA establish human radiofrequency (RF) radiationexposure standards based on existing scientific and epidemiologicalevidence to protect the population during continuous exposures to RFradiation from transmitters and electrical pollution.
Halt all federal funding for utility smart/AMR/transmitting meterinstallations pending certification under new biologically-based RFradiation exposure standards.
Halt all release of new transmitting devices pending approval undernew biologically-based RF radiation exposure standards.
Halt installation of new transmitters/cellphone antennas pendingapproval under new biologically-based RF radiation exposure standards.
Legislation was introduced in the 107th Congress by Senators Leahyand Jeffords (S. 3102 andS. 3103) and Congressmen Sanders and Tancredo (H.R. 5631 andH.R.5632) to reform the 1996 Telecommunications Act.  Ask yourlegislators to author or co-author similar
 legislation. for more information.
P.O. Box 117 | Marshfield, VT05658 US
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Farmers still feeling the effects of Chernobyl

Farmers still feeling the effects of Chernobyl

FARMERS who were saddled with restrictions on livestock in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster have made fresh calls for them to be lifted.
This week marks 25 years since the nuclear plant in the former Soviet Union exploded, sending a radioactive cloud across Europe.
Hundreds of British sheep farmers are still feeling the effects, with close monitoring and strict rules a daily bind.
Emlyn Roberts whose farm in Dolgellau, is one of 330 affected in Wales, still has to obtain a licence every time he wants to move sheep, which he said can make his business less competitive.
“We were told by a MAFF official the restrictions would only last three weeks – three months at the most – and here we are a quarter of a century on,” said Mr Roberts.
“Before anything moves off the farm it has to be inspected and scanned with a Geiger counter but this all takes time.
“We have to give the assembly office a week’s notice which means we can’t react very quickly and take advantage of a good market. We have to plan ahead.”
Mr Roberts said ultimately, the scanning was for the good of the consumer.
“We are doing this to safeguard the product and our consumers, which is the main thing,” he added.
“If it means scanning for another 25 years we will do, because this is our livelihood, but it is an extra chore we could do without.”
He said farmers were now closely watching the effects of the nuclear disaster in Japan.
“This country is still willing to dabble in nuclear energy but we need to look closer at the side effects and the costs.”
Mr Roberts said he struggled to see why a new reactor was planned for the Wylfa power station in Anglesey, when the country already had a wealth of natural resources such as wind, tidal and hydro.

Cell phone tower worries Rosewood residents

Cell phone tower worries Rosewood residents

Mysterious metal poles are popping up in Scarborough's neighborhood plazas, and at least one residents' group says they aren't welcome. 

The Rosewood Taxpayers' Association has asked Bell Mobility to drop plans for a telecommunications tower on Montezuma Trail, but despite its pleas and petitions, the company hasn't agreed.
"There is a growing critical mass in the neighbourhood against this thing," Courtney Fisher, the group's president, said this week.
Legally, Fisher admitted, the residents may not have a leg to stand on.
It's the federal agency Industry Canada, not a city government, that has exclusive power to approve or block a telecommunications tower.
Toronto Council in 2008 passed a protocol on tower construction its members hoped Industry Canada would follow, but towers 15 metres or shorter are exempt.
Conveniently, the Montezuma pole and others like it are exactly 14.9 metres tall.
Fisher said he knows this, but after hearing of the proposal two weeks ago Rosewood residents, concerned about the tower's possible effect on local property values, aesthetics and human health, hoped Bell would act like a good corporate citizen and move the structure somewhere else.
Bell was invited to send representatives to the group's annual general meeting next week to discuss the tower, but declined, Fisher said.
He's not the only one concerned the proposed pole is in the wrong place.
Last month, David Driedger, an assistant city planner, wrote to Duane Lovelace of Altus Group, a company acting for Bell on site acquisition, about the proposed Montezuma pole location at Alexmuir Boulevard west of Brimley Road as well as another Bell wants to place at a plaza on Kennedy Road at Southlawn Drive.
Both plazas border on houses. Driedger told Lovelace he would "strongly encourage" Bell to find locations not in places designated as a "Neighbourhoods" area in the city's Official Plan.
Chin Lee, Fisher's local councillor, backed Driedger's position, saying he believes the Montezuma location "is not in the interest of residential neighbours."
Lovelace reminded Driedger such towers were exempt from consultation requirements but said Bell would "send out 'construction notices' to the residents who reside within three times the tower height."
Fisher, however, said close neighbours of the plaza reported they hadn't seen the notices, which promise construction will take place during normal business hours and apologize for any inconvenience.
"They say they have done it but none of the residents, not even the vendors in the plaza, know about it."
Staff in the office of Mike Del Grande, a councillor in Agincourt, said the poles have already surprised residents by sprouting in other spots, including one along the south end of a plaza at Glendinning and Pharmacy avenues.
Lovelace told Driedger he would be happy to meet with city staff or councillors to discuss the Montezuma project. When contacted Tuesday for an interview, however, he said a Bell Mobility employee would answer a reporter's questions but that employee is unavailable this week.
The city's telecommunications protocol was passed after a Guildwood church signed 20-year lease with Bell in 2007 to erect a 35-metre tower on the property, producing revenue church members hoped to use for charitable work.
Hundreds of residents objected, arguing the tower would be an eyesore and put the health of children in homes or schools as much as 1,000 metres away at risk. Bell eventually allowed the church to cancel the contract and chose a location outside Guildwood.
Bell and other telecommunications companies say their towers comply with Health Canada regulations on electromagnetic radiation exposure, but Toronto's protocol asks companies to follow a Prudent Avoidance Policy 100 times more stringent.
The protocol requires companies to notify residents by first class mail if they live within 400 metres of a proposed tower, but Industry Canada isn't legally bound by it and a height exemption exists.

Smart meters, dumb security

Smart meters, dumb security


Had a discussion the other day with some friends about the Itron smart meters BC Hydro is installing on all electrical users in BC. One chap mentioned hacking and this piqued my interest. I went on the internet to see what the people had to say about the so-called smart grid and the smart meters. I dumped the search words hack, grid and smart meter into Google and boy did the information come pouring out. It makes a fellow wonder.

The FBI in the US is seeing increasing hacks on electrical smart meters to get power without paying. Some smart meters have software that can be modified with a DIY optical interface to modify the software and others can be slowed down by putting a magnet on top during the night.
Krebs on security reported that a report issued by the FBI after it investigated incidents of power theft in Puerto Rico assessed as worth as much as $US400M annually.

Last spring a security consultant by the name of Mike Davis hacked into a smart meter as a proof-of-concept they showed at a Las Vegas security convention. They did this by reverse engineering meters they bought on Ebay and found in the trash at installation sites. They then installed a computer program that would replicate itself across the wireless network and block the utility from each meter as it went.
I sure will sleep tight knowing that Ebay won't be listing smart meters any more.

By the end of 2015 the potential security risks to the smart grid will reach 440 million new hackable points. Billions are being spent on grid cybersecurity, but it seems like every time you turn around another vulnerability is exposed on how to manipulate the smart-meter or power grid data.

If we ever go to war again we won't have to worry about getting bombed they will just hack us and turn off the power.

Now for the political side of this equation on how we got where we are with this meter thing.

Dear leader Gordon Campbell let BC Hydro push the smart meters through without giving us unwashed voters any chance of letting us voice our opinions to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

I always believed that I as a citizen was entitled to approach the PUC with my opinion on any change as massive as the smart meter/ smart grid implementation. I guess I was wrong.

And for you Liberal caucus members who are still around did the cat get your tongue or did Gordo hold you to silence.

Things really don't seem to be getting any better for the Liberal Party of BC and as a member I am at the end of my rope. Our new Premier is sliding fast in the polls and I can see no hope of recovery before the next election.

Unless there is some type of enquiry or further information on the Basi/Virk/ BC Rail fiasco I am done with the Liberal Party. For God's sake, they pleaded guilty and we paid the tab.

Jack Bode Comox

Regulators Ignore the Dangers of Electromagnetic Frequencies at Great Peril - But MONEY will talk

Regulators Ignore the Dangers of Electromagnetic Frequencies at Great Peril - But MONEY will talk

By William Thomas
Curtis Bennett isn’t everyone’s cup of unsweetened tea. In his unstinting quest to corral unhealthy and illegal frequencies, the bluntly outspoken founder ofThermografix Consulting castigates those he considers fools and misinformed allies alike. Even worse – much worse – this Red Seal Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician only speaks to what he knows. And with 30 years’ experience as an electrical engineer, his knowledge is considerable. Spluttering critics tend to implode when left with zero wriggle room.
Speaking in a peculiarly memorable cadence that places unexpected emphasis on usually unhighlighted words, while leaving others out, Bennett describes himself as “a Radio Frequency engineer. Frequencies are my profession,” he adds. “I’m here to deal with those boring codes, building codes, electrical codes, laws, laws, laws.”
As “an energy professional recognized in British Columbia,” this “professional troubleshooter” is in high demand by other professionals – most notably insurers, medical associations, lawyers, government agencies and other corporations that sense a tsunami of lawsuits rearing off their shores.
“Can the invisible frequencies blanketing our homes, offices and communities affect humans?” they all want to know.
“Yes,” Curtis tells them. “Electrical professionals don’t blast frequencies around like this. Any B.C. Hydro lineman will tell you, you can’t change the frequencies in the grid. You can’t stimulate tissue. It’s illegal.”
Stimulating tissue is prohibited under standards set forth in Health Canada’s spectacularly outdated Safety Code 6.
“Safety Code 6 is the law, the ugly, ugly insufficient law,” Bennett says. “Compliance with Safety Code 6 is not optional. BCUC, BC Hydro state this. The predominant health effect to be avoided is the unintentional stimulation of tissue. Heating tissue is to be avoided.
The code states that the critical scientific mechanism in any radiating device that heats tissue from the inside out is unknown. And that the code will be changed when a verifiable mechanism is available.
Microwave ovens come to mind. Microwaves heat food by vibrating food so violently its molecular structure shakes apart. Just like microwaving human DNA with wireless gadgets and grids.
“Now you have ‘mechanism’ where you’re doing this through electromagnetic induction,” Bennett explains.
Deluged by lawsuits and complaints, power companies are also waking to the nightmarish realization that the smart meters they’ve rushed into service are acting as antennas. These hungry devices are gobbling electromagnetic fields produced by their own internal transformers, nearby microwave towers, a silent cacophony of routers, and other household wireless devices. In many cases, the resulting electrical currents induced in not-so-smart meters are being dutifully recorded as billable power to consumers assured that their hydro invoices would go down – not double or triple.
Water-filled humans also induce electromagnetic energy as internalized electrical current. But the eventual costs in compromised health and happiness can be much higher than a wonky hydro bill. Bennett chokes up when he says, “You have 500 girls in school and deprived their families’ rights to reproduce. All girls have [all] their eggs at birth. You guys are irradiating the shit out of their eggs at birth.
“What’s the genetic mutation, or the right to reproduce worth?” he continues. “900 MHz going through someone’s testicles is going to cause molecular changes.”These cyclic polarity changes whipping human cells back-and-forth… “1.8 billion times a second is not going to heat tissue? Ridiculous! How many times do you want this guy’s nuts irradiated?”
The less-than-diplomatic Curtis Bennett has nevertheless taken care to leave a paper trail stretching back to the winter of 2010, when he first informed Health Canada and provincial authorities at a federal Parliamentary Committee hearing of the induction mechanism that internally heats human tissue. “Health Canada, Coleman, the B.C. government did not follow through,” he ominously notes.
But Safety Code 6 cannot be updated. If it ever catches up with the EU’s much stricter electrical standards and starts regulating electrical currents induced by wireless devices, Canada’s hugely profitable wireless industry – along with millions of wireless addicts and co-dependent tax collectors – could be left without their fix.
Don’t focus on individual smart meters, Bennett advises electromagnetically exposed governments and power providers. “As soon as you incorporate the routers, head-to-toe you are stimulating tissueMargin of error: zero. You are not insured for it.”
But all those risky routers have been left out of the discussion.
And official testing.
Power companies like BC Hydro and smart meter manufacturers like Itron are “grotesquely negligent,” Bennett charges. They did not “design that cheap-ass electrical equipment to be in an electromagnetic field. They did not even test the routers under full load. The routers are electrically inductiveThey cause fires, interfere with pacemakers and health monitoring equipment… “
His voice trails off at the implications.
“You left out the routers in the middle,” Bennett picks up again, addressing culpable administrators.
“You left out the tower and the 900 MHz from the tower, the dual frequencies [2.4 GHz microwaves].
What about the tower talking to the phone, with the human caught in the circuit? Being hit head to toe? ‘ We didn’t think about it. Didn’t include it’,” he mimics remiss regulators.
Human beings also complete the smart meter circuit by inducting their wireless currents. “Head-to-toe impacts every function in the body,” Curtis Bennett says. Which is why he calls routers the “game changer” in the smart meters discussion.
“One smart meter router is capable of talking to 4,000 smart meters. That equipment should be tested under full load,” he goes on to explain. “It’s just like an aircraft. ‘Oh, you’re going to subject this equipment to an electromagnetic field, you have to design for it.’ They didn’t design smart meters to be exposed to these power densities – the frequency load from 4,000 devices. Just to have it going through a conductor [like home wiring] and you’re generating electricity in something that already has electricity – an electrical nightmare.”
Returning to Safety Code 6, Bennett says its requirements of “plausibility” and the “reproducibility” of human tissue heating through induction are more than met by full-body routers spraying electromagnetic fields like invisible shrapnel in every direction.
Health Canada, supposed to use weight of evidence, has dismissed peer-reviewed science. They left out the frequencies of people, they left out the routers – it’s illegal,” Curtis Bennett charges. “The mechanism is there, you can’t do that.”
In addition…
“You set up engineers for failure by leaving out the routers.”
As they become informed, civil engineers across Canada are increasingly concerned that electrosmog from a plague of wireless smart meter routers has been left out of engineering designs, regulations and discussion. All those interlocking frequencies are “irradiating infrastructure,” Bennett says. “When you get into buildings, it’s a frequency weapon. It’s induction. It’s vibration.”
This could rapidly become a Gigantic Problem because introducing harmonics into structures not designed for them is illegal under both the BC Building Code and the Canada Electrical Code.
You can’t cause molecular earthquakes in buildings. At 1.8 billion times-a-second you’ll take the legs out from under the building,” Bennett states. Along with bridges. And nuclear power plants. Even Toronto’s manhole covers are corroding much fasterthan engineering specs anticipated under a growing onslaught of continuous microwave radiation.
Does anyone seriously think that human organs are immune to energies that so speedily rot iron?
No wonder insurers are calling Curtis Bennett.
“The Telecom industry says it isn’t worried. It has $100 billion in assets to pay lawsuits,” Bennett says.
But the insurance industry “has $5 trillion” in potential claims. And now that the mechanism of wireless induction has been identified, “they will not take a loss.”
One insurance agent told Bennett that in the case of a $360 stereo some kid had shoplifted, they would go after the parents. “This is business,” the agent said.
Now insurers are being told that they will have to pick up all the liabilities for all the failed pacemakers and medical monitoring equipment, all the fires and damage to home and business computers and appliances.
Their three-word response: “No, we won’t.”
“Do you think insurers are picking up the cost of those bridges?” Bennett asked. “Shipping, the military, airplanes, refineries – you name it.” Not when – “across the board” – power companies have “bypassed the whole process” of peer review and public consultation.
Sure, he adds, once fire departments realise that mandatory fire bulkheads are weakened by wireless frequencies, insurers will pay out $200 million for an unsafe school that no longer meets fire codes. “Then their recovery team will go after that money and damages.”
And the insurance companies will win.
The ramifications of routers stagger minds not yet permanently clouded by microwave induction.
“We work for the energy department,” Bennett explains. “We work for their insurers. If a building is not insured, banks don’t fund it, municipalities don’t pass it.”
What happens, he asks, when occupancy permits are withdrawn from buildings sprouting dozens of smart meters, as well cellular antenna farms on their roofs?
What is the future of mortgages and insurance for homes compromised by smart meter radiation?
“We work for risk management,” Bennett also says of his profession. “At the end of the day it’s dollars and cents. The frequencies are illegalYou can’t do this. Loss of bees, buildings, infrastructure...” power companies are “going to be bankrupt.”
No wonder “an international group” of insurers wants to talk to Curtis Bennett about a Sept. 16, 2011 letter he sent to B.C. Energy Minister Rich Coleman.
The thermoguy’s correspondence read in part:
Health Canada presently represents to the provinces, BCUC, BC Hydro, etc that there is no peer reviewed science linking the frequencies but they fail to report the mechanism was reported to Health Canada and by expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health on "potential health impacts of RF EMFs". The peer reviewed science is called electromagnetic induction which is the same mechanism BC Hydro uses for creating electricity.
As a result of the mechanism found and reported by professionals with government recognized credentials in BC as well as the rest of Canada, the application of existing law changed and the frequencies as well as the grid are in violation of Safety Code 6. Enforcing Safety Code 6 must be done because it is the government's code that references nerve and muscle stimulation. While Health Canada's administration and others will be held accountable for their criminal negligence, BC does not want the liability or health costs associated with causing neurological challenges or affecting pollinators.
“We’re telling Mr. Coleman to duck. Reckless endangerment is criminal, not civil,” Bennett amplifies. “You left this out, Mr. Coleman. Stop this.”
Lest there be any doubt, this plain-speaking electrician insists, “We’re not here jokin’ around. We’re not here to lobby and opinion. We work for the government of B.C., the government of Canada. We work for due process. Not for a weak-ass administer who decided to step outside of that.”
As an adviser to B.C. municipalities and the Canadian Forces, as well as an expert witness in an ongoing Oregon lawsuit involving smart meters, Curtis Bennett carries clout. And he is not alone in his desire to see B.C.’s Premier and Energy Minister brought to justice.
“These guys need to be arrested and charged with criminal negligence,” he says, mixing genders. “Is it okay for them to hurt somebody’s children? One-hundred percentnoDoes their stupidity and greed absolve them? No.”
As professional electricians, Bennett says, “We can’t watch people get hurt and shut up. You or I would be accountable. These guys, it’s their job as elected officials.”
His message to every federal, provincial or local official who approved or apologies for smart meters and their cell phone tower kin: “You’re hurting people. What did you do with the weight of evidence reports in regards to towers and frequencies?”
When it comes to the effects of pervasive wireless pollution, doctors are asking Curtis Bennett, “What’s going to happen?”
“Extinction,” this EMF expert says succinctly. “This is the biggest threat to mankind.”
Hyperbole? Leading researchers – including
  • Olle Johansson (Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute);
    MD Gerald Hyland;
  • Dr. David Carpenter (Dean at the School of Public Health in New York);
  • Dr. Leif Salford (Lund University, Sweden);
  • Dr. Neil Cherry (biophysicist, Lincoln University, New Zealand);
  • Dr. Peter Franch (St. Vincent's Hospital, Australia);
  • Dr. Robert Becker (author, Cross CurrentsThe Perils of Electropollution);
  • Dr. Ross Adey (chief investigator of cell phone radiation for Motorola before he was fired over his findings) – all speak of exponential EMFs in dire terms.
  • Speaking for many, Dr. Vini Khurana, renowned Associate Professor of Neurosurgery in Australia, urges everyone to stop using cell phones immediately.
Smart meters operate on cell phone frequencies. And studies have confirmed that low power levels are extremely dangerous because they more closely mimic – and confuse - the human body’s intercellular communications. As a Jewish lawyer told Bennett: “The holocaust pales in comparison. This is getting them all.”
Another scientist worries about the heavy petrochemical loading in human bodies – “and now you’re pulling this electromagnetic trigger.”
When it comes to a smart meter’s jagged 2.4 billion hertz pulses overpowering 8 hertz human brains, Bennett predicts that if it is allowed to go ahead, the smart grid will cause “catastrophic electrical failure of the human grid globally.”
Before that happens, we could be looking at entire nations of electromagnetically lobotomised zombies.
And before that, an electro-hypersensitivity epidemic could unleash a firestorm of lawsuits against MDs alleging malpractice.
“All medical diagnosis are inaccurate that don’t take into account the electromagnetic environment – misdiagnosis across the board.” Bennett sighs. “What a mess. And that’s the reason we’re not supposed to do it. As professional electrical engineers, we wouldn’t send children to school and electromagnetic induce them and cause neurological problems and then test and grade them – ‘You appear to be a little slow here. Better take this drug.’”
Then he brightens.
“The best part,” he affirms, “is North America medicine. They’re taking this very seriously.”
In the past six months Bennett says, North American medical education has been drastically upgraded with accredited courses in electromagnetic fields now required for licensing.
“What we are representing is acceptable medical education,” Bennett elaborates. ”EMF education credits are now recognised in Canada. These continuing education credits are mandatory for health, legal and other professionals to maintain their accreditation.
“Once they are informed about EMF dangers,” he adds, “Doctors cannot leave this out of their diagnosis. You cannot leave out the wireless environment in your diagnosis.”
Now that’s a game changer.
Curtis Bennett’s advice for Hornby Islanders and anyone else facing smart meter-wielding invaders is simple: “Don’t let them come on your property. Recklessly endangering you – that’s a criminal matter. They have no right to be on your property to install and maintain illegal equipment.”
Addressing our trustees, Bennett says that in all their spin-doctoring, BC Hydro left out the mass effects of routers buzzing in a human-inductive grid. “How are you supposed to administer with this info left out?
These things are very dangerous. You need to pay attention.”
Heads in the sand leave vulnerable butts to be kicked. Saying “I doubt it” to the weight of scientific evidence, while passing on BC Hydro propaganda unquestioneddoes not exempt an administrator from criminal negligence, Curtis Bennett adds.
“Authorities are investigating,” he warns. “What’s coming down the road you can’t even imagine. There’s going to be some real hell coming to pay for this.”
  1. ATTEND IMPORTANT HIRRA (Hornby Island Residents and Ratepayers Association )MEETING TONIGHT Wednesday April 11th at 7:30 PM and vote to refuse SM installation at our Community Hall. Your attendance is vital. Anyone who has attended a HIRRA meeting within the last 42 days is eligible to vote on this resolution. (Special thanks to Trustee Alex Allen, who has agreed to brave his pollen allergies and attend.)
  2. LOCK YOUR ANALOG METER, CONTACT BC HYDRO AND POST YOUR PROPERTY with the proper forms available through the freepost.
    Rich Coleman, BC Energy Minister             250-387-5896 Perry Kendall, Provincial Health Officer             250-952-1330
    Environmental Health Officer             604-660-2421                   1-800-663-7867      
Over a decade ago Dr George Carlo - a, if not the, foremost researcher in the field of electromagnetic frequencies and their effect on biological processes – raised the alarm bells about the biological disruption that was inevitable with the proliferation of cell phones and cell towers. He warned that we were embracing a technology that was destined to be the Most Dangerous Threat to Our Biological Survival. These EMFrequencies disrupt more than just biology. The COST of the damage already far exceeds any perceived benefits. It’s time to be smart and take action.