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Cell Phone Radiation & Breast Cancer

Plume-gate: Secret documents prove global cover-up of continued Fukushima radiation pollution


Plume-gate: Secret documents prove global cover-up of continued Fukushima radiation pollution

Saturday, May 12, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) request filed by Friends of the Earth (FoE), Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), and the Nuclear Information and Resource Center (NIRS) has unearthed a shocking series of new evidence proving a deliberate, global cover-up of the true severity of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. And the unfortunate reality is that themainstream media continues to blatantly ignore this colossal scandal.

Private emails, meeting transcripts and other key documents reveal that both the Obama White House and the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC) were well aware of just how bad things really were with Fukushima from the early days of the disaster, but did nothing to warn the public about it. In fact, NRC and the White Housepurposelydid not warn Americans about a massive radiation plume that struck the West Coast just days after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan's eastern coast.

According to information gathered from hundreds of pages worth of private NRC emails, conference calls and secret meetings, key players in the Fukushima whitewashing campaign, including the NRC's David McIntyre and Elliot Brenner, were hard at work in the days following the disaster distracting public attention away from it. By pretending that a radioactive plume did not exist while simultaneously sending out misinformation to the media, these two, in conjunction with White House officials, actively participated in a criminal cover-up of the truth.

You can read key portions of these criminal dealings at the following link:

Plume-gate, the world's biggest nuclear cover-up to date

A situation that is now being dubbed "Plume-gate," this massive cover-up of critical information about Fukushima could have saved thousands of lives, including the more than 14,000 individuals, many of whom were babies, that died in the weeks following the disaster ( And yet to this very day, the federal government's cozy relationship with the nuclear industry has allowed the injustice to continue, as no proper investigation into this dastardly crime has yet taken place.

"The executive branch and multiple federal agencies, agencies tasked with keeping the American public safe, did their best to hide and to cover-up information about a deadly radioactive plume and ensuing fallout that was headed for the West Coast of the United States from Japan," writes Tony Muga from The Intel Hub about the situation.

Not only did these government agencies hide the truth and deliberately deceive the public, they also used other events, including the infamous Qur'an burning in Afghanistan, as a distraction to divert public attention away from Fukushima, and away from the 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. that are of a similar age and vulnerability as Fukushima.

So why is the federal government getting away with all this? It is for the same reason that it gets away with most of its other crimes against humanity:corporate fascism.And sadly, corporate fascism is a bipartisan problem, as both Republicans and Democrats today are slaves to it, representing opposite but identical sides of the same coin.

"It seems that the fundamental problem with what Americans are experiencing is not just radioactive fallout but Fascism, the merging of the corporate and the state," adds Muga. "In a fascist state, there is little or no responsible action from the corporations for there is little or no promotion of accountability from the state. The corporations, for all intents and purposes, control the state."

Be sure check out the exposed documents for yourself linked at the bottom of the following article:

And read the activist

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Cell Phone Industry Wages Legal War on San Francisco’s Right to Know Law

…..While Scientists Claim Recent Study Shows Cell Phone Use in Children is Possibly Linked to Malignant Brain Cancer
Posted on May 11, 2012

For almost two years, the City of San Francisco has been attempting to implement its Board of Supervisors’ unanimous decision to require disclosure of industry-known facts and safe use instructions regarding cell phone radiation.  However, the industry’s powerful lobbying arm, the CTIA Wireless Association has amassed an enormous legal team from five law firms across the U.S. to have this consumer disclosure law declared illegal.  (CTIA Files Lawsuit)
In July 2011, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published “CEFALO-A Case-Control Study of Brain Tumors in Children and Adolescents and Mobile Phone Use”  which reported higher risks among 7 to 19 year olds.  However, the scientists overseeing the analysis concluded that because there did not appear to be an “exposure-response” relationship, they could not conclude that use of cell phones caused brain tumors in children and adolescents.
Last month, the Journal published letters by highly respected scientists refuting that conclusion stating that the published findings do indeed indicate a serious risk of brain cancer associated with cell phone use by children.  The scientists challenging the study point out that the results clearly showed a statistically significant increased risk of brain cancer after more than 2.8 years of use.   (Link to press release)

Legal defense of San Francisco’s industry-challenged “Right to Know” law becomes increasingly more crucial for protecting the health of our youth.

In October, 2011, the industry’s challenge to San Francisco’s Right to Know law was struck down in U.S. District Court.  Judge Alsup stated in the courtroom, “They (San Francisco) are not trying to stop cell phones from being sold; they’re trying to give customers some tips on how to reduce exposure to cell phones. And if it’s true that the industry’s own manuals call out the same problem, what’s wrong with that?”
The industry appealed the ruling claiming that being required to disclose known facts about health risks and safe-use instructions violates their Constitutional first amendment right.  (We, the People Have the Right to Know the Truth).

The case will be heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals as early as this summer.

According to the San Francisco City Attorney, “The CTIA steadfastly refuses to confront: (i) there is a possible link between cell phone radiation and cancer; (ii) typically cancer only manifests itself decades after exposure to carcinogens, such that a possible carcinogen will not be definitively “proven” to cause cancer for a long time; and (iii) in the context of cell phones, this is a particularly vexing public health concern, because billions of people are using this relatively young technology with increasing frequency- on a far greater scale than people were ever exposed to asbestos or tobacco smoke. CTIA’s statement that ‘the unrebutted scientific evidence shows that the City’s regime will not make consumers any safer’ is nothing short of mind-blowing.”
Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, director of the Environmental Health Trust states, “if the industry doesn’t make a positive move soon, we may have a global epidemic on our hands within the next two decades. The sad thing is this is preventable. There are safer ways to make and use cell phones. We are asking the industry to give people the facts about known health risks from cell phone radiation exposure to children’s brains and ensure people know how to best use these devices.”
All manufacturers hide microwave radiation warnings in the fine print of every user manual that caution against using or carrying a cell phone directly against the body.  These disclosures are rarely seen and our youth continue to sleep with them on under their pillows and carry them in their pockets all day.

Other cities and states wanting to legislate safety warnings or consumer disclosure laws are waiting to see if San Francisco’s “Right to Know” law will be upheld.

Maine’s Rep. Andrea Boland stated, “CTIA is currently suing San Francisco as a warning to others to not go up against them. My state has also been threatened with a lawsuit by the CTIA if we pass a similar ordinance.”
As the lawsuit against San Francisco heats up in the U.S. Court of Appeals, other cities and states across the US (several were threatened with lawsuits) anxiously await the result.  Senator Green of Hawaii, Senator Leno of California, Councilman Anderson of Berkeley, Councilman Vallone Jr. of New York City, Rep. Nicastro of Connecticut, Rep. Brown of Pennsylvania, Sen. Shields of Oregon, Rep. Boland of Maine and more believe that citizens have the “Right to Know” the facts concerning the health risks of cell phone exposure and suggestions for safe use at the point of sale, especially as they relate to children.

BAN mobiles from schools: New Ofsted chief gets tough over classroom discipline and schools could be penalised for failing to tackle disruption

BAN mobiles from schools: New Ofsted chief gets tough over classroom discipline and schools could be penalised for failing to tackle disruption

  • Sir Michael Wilshaw says handsets can be used to access porn in lessons
  • Teachers could be marked down by inspectors if they don't enforce ban
  • Tough new inspection regime will also cover back-chatting and calling out

Pupils face a ban on mobile phones in school as part of a new Ofsted crackdown on classroom discipline.

Schools will be penalised for failing to tackle persistent low-level disruption in lessons under a tough new inspection regime being introduced next term.

This could force teachers to forbid mobile phone use by pupils – including texting, taking calls and surfing the web – to avoid being marked down by inspectors.

Ringing the changes: Pupils face a ban on using mobile phones in school under a tough new crackdown by Ofsted on discipline (picture posed by models)
Ringing the changes: Pupils face a ban on using mobile phones in school under a tough new crackdown by Ofsted on discipline (picture posed by models)

It will also cover other forms of disruption, including back-chatting and calling out, which damage education for well-behaved classmates.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector of schools, said that apart from the distracting effect of a mobile going off in a lesson, handsets can be used for cyber-bullying and accessing online pornography at school.
    In an interview with the Mail, Sir Michael told how, as a headmaster, he banned his pupils from bringing phones to school.

    Recalling his experience as head of Mossbourne Academy in Hackney, east London, he said: ‘It certainly cut out all that nonsense that you have in schools of these things being brought in and then a mobile phone going off in a lesson.

    ‘The outrageous behaviour that you occasionally see in all schools is serious, but I think the bigger issue is that low-level disruption which takes place which stops children learning effectively. Teachers and head teachers have got to stamp that out.’

    Tackling disruption: New Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw, pictured at Mossbourne Academy in east London, where, as head, he banned mobile phones. He believes such measures should be rolled out across the country
    Tackling disruption: New Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw, pictured at Mossbourne Academy in east London, where, as head, he banned mobile phones. He believes such measures should be rolled out across the country

    Sir Michael added that bullying via phones and the internet could be ‘disruptive and pernicious’ and he treated the menace as seriously as a fight in the playground. 
    He will use a keynote speech today to pledge to push ahead with an overhaul of the school inspection regime despite a revolt by head teachers and claims of ‘bully  boy tactics’.

    Sir Michael's success story
    Under his reforms, 6,000 schools currently deemed ‘satisfactory’ will be rebadged in the next academic year as ‘requiring improvement’.

    ‘I know this is a tough message but I think in a few years’ time it will be seen as a right one,’ he said.

    ‘I’m not a bully and never have been. We are raising the game. We are saying that all children deserve a good education and nothing less.’ 

    Ofsted’s sharper focus on standards of behaviour is expected to lead to schools taking a tougher line on mobiles.

    New laws brought in last month give teachers powers to search pupils for handsets if they are banned under school rules.

    Staff may also search pupils for phones if they suspect they are being used to view pornography.

    Few schools currently impose an outright ban on bringing handsets to school. Many allow them as long as they are kept switched off and stowed away.

    But teachers warn that once mobiles are in school, they face a battle to make sure they are switched off all day.

    Teachers who contributed to an online forum said: ‘Officially, we do not allow phones and will confiscate if seen. In reality, kids wander round using them as they like.’

    Another warned: ‘I’ve had the situation where I’ve demanded the phone from, say, a Year 10 boy (I’m female) and they just shove the phone inside their boxers and say “You want it, you get it!”’

    Nowhere to hide: Richard Cairns (above), headmaster of Brighton College, will tell a conference that heads who fail to sack incompetent teachers should have their pay docked
    Nowhere to hide: Richard Cairns (above), headmaster of Brighton College, will tell a conference that heads who fail to sack incompetent teachers should have their pay docked

    Sir Michael went on to reveal that heads will be expected to deal more effectively with teachers who cannot control their classes.

    They will be marked down if they fail to manage the performance of struggling teachers, for example by waving through unjustified pay rises.

    ‘If the culture of the school is good and somebody is consistently under-performing because they are not teaching effectively, leading to that low-level disruption, that’s got to be picked up,’ said Sir Michael.

    ‘Where head teachers find that teachers are consistently underperforming, where there is that low-level disruption in every lesson, no matter what the professional development taking place in the school, then action needs to be taken.’

    Sir Michael plans to extend Ofsted’s reach to the new chains springing up to run academies, which operate outside local authority influence but are state-funded.
    At a conference today at Brighton College, he will say he has not been deterred from pressing ahead with toughening up the system, and that a consultation on the proposals attracted wide support, including from parents.

    Richard Cairns, headmaster of Brighton College, will tell the conference that heads who fail to sack incompetent teachers should have their pay docked.

    ‘No head teacher should ever tolerate bad teaching. Yet up and down the land, that is precisely what is going on.

    ‘Too many head teachers are prepared to take their relatively generous salaries yet duck the issue of the bad teacher in the staff room.’

    A Department for Education spokesman said: ‘Parents should take responsibility for whether or not their children have phones in the first place. It is up to individual head teachers to decide if and when mobile phones should be used by pupils in school.’

    Read more:

    President Obama: Act now to prevent a second Fukushima disaster

    President Obama: Act now to prevent a second Fukushima disaster

    May 10, 2012
    The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site remains perilous. The area has been hit with hundreds of earthquakes since the March 11 Great Earthquake and Tsunami that led to the destruction of four reactors and caused release of massive amounts of radiation. The cooling system for all four damaged reactors is jerry-rigged, shaky, and prone to leaks. Of particular concern is the stability of the irradiated fuel pool at Unit 4, which alone contains about 10 times the amount of radioactive Cesium-137 as was released in the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
    As Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) put it following his recent visit to Fukushima Daiichi, “The scope of damage to the plants and to the surrounding area was far beyond what I expected and the scope of the challenges to the utility owner, the government of Japan, and to the people of the region are daunting. The precarious status of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear units and the risk presented by the enormous inventory of radioactive materials and spent fuel in the event of further earthquake threats should be of concern to all and a focus of greater international support and assistance.”
    Our colleagues in Japan are calling for immediate assistance from the United Nations and establishment of a Nuclear Safety Summit to address the Unit 4 issue. They are seeking support from organizations across the world. If you represent an organization, please provide your support here.
    But the United States shouldn't wait for the UN to act--we should begin providing substantive assistance now. All individuals and organizations: Please sign the petition below and urge President Obama to act now and act forcefully to avert a second catastrophe at Fukushima.
    Support from our international friends is very welcome. Please share this petition widely! Thank you for your actions.
    Dear President Obama,

    Please take action now to bring the technical capability, skilled personnel and financial resources necessary to the essential task of stabilizing the irradiated fuel pool at the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 reactor, which--as Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) reported following his recent trip to the site--is in a precarious state that could lead to potentially catastrophic consequences for Japan, neighboring countries, and even the United States.

    We also ask you to support the effort of dozens of Japanese NGOs, supported by members of Japan's Parliament, seeking immediate United Nations assistance at the Fukushima Daiichi site, where four damaged reactors remain extremely vulnerable to continuing earthquakes and malfunction of a hastily rigged and shaky cooling system. Such assistance should include expedited establishment of a Nuclear Safety Summit to assess and coordinate international assistance to stabilize the Unit 4 fuel pool.

    However, the U.S. need not wait for the UN to begin the process of providing expertise and resources to our friends in Japan. The U.S. has the capability to respond to this crisis immediately, to shore up the pool and to begin moving this fuel from the pool in 2012.

    Prevention of the unfolding catastrophe at Fukushima is essential. Your leadership is absolutely critical. Please make the situation at Fukushima a top priority for your administration.

    Why Are Cell Phones Bad?

    Why Are Cell Phones Bad?

    1. Did you know that children's brains are way smaller, so it affects us way more. And we have more water in children's brains so electromagnetic radiation is conducted faster and stronger.

    "Of particular significance for children are studies which indicate that children absorb more radiation in the brain than adults which may indicate a greater risk of brain tumours."     

    "A two-minute cell phone call alters a child’s brain function for an hour." 

    (Source: The child scrambler–What a mobile can do to a youngster’s brain in 2 minutes”, UK Sunday Mirror, April 1, 2004.)

    2. When you use your cell phone in the car. If you just turn it on, it sends out radiation and it's the worst when you have your windows closed, because it bounces all over the car and can't get out. So, if you just turn it on in the car, you'll feel like you've been using it for hours. Plus, you're damaging everyone else in the car.

    "Don’t talk on a cell phone while in a vehicle, on a train, bus, plane, or subway. These enclosed areas trap radiation and consequently exposure becomes higher in these enclosed metal surroundings. They also impede the signal so your cell phone must use more power to maintain the connection." 

    (Source: Cell Phone Poisoning of America by Lynn Quiring, RPh, CCN, NMD)

    3. Cell phone radiation disturbs learning and damages brain function.

    "Scientists have discovered that a call lasting just two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour afterwards.

    And they also found for the first time how radio waves from mobile phones penetrate deep into the brain and not just around the ear.

    The study by Spanish scientists has prompted leading medical experts to question whether it is safe for children to use mobile phones at all.

    Doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in children could lead to psychiatric and behavioural problems or impair learning ability.

    It was the first time that human guinea pigs were used to measure the effects of mobile phone radiation on children. The tests were carried out on an 11-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl called Jennifer."

    (Source: The child scrambler–What a mobile can do to a youngster’s brain in 2 
    minutes”, UK Sunday Mirror, April 1, 2004.)

    4. Many of the kids in class have their cell phones on and so it is giving the rest of us radiation and there's nothing we can do about it - except send a letter to our school and get our parents involved.

    “The body of available research indicates that operation of a nearby portable cellular telephone will expose a non-user to radiation, some of which will be deposited into the brain of the non-user at levels higher than necessary to elicit undesirable biological effects even though the phone may be more than ten feet away from the non-user.”  

    (Source: Robert Kane, PhD., former Motorola Senior Research Scientist)

    5. Moms especially need to make sure they don't use cell phones (mobile phones) around their babies.

    "A research group in Saudi Arabia found that a mobile phone held close to the abdomen of pregnant women for ten minutes increased the baby’s heart rate and decreased the amount of blood being pumped by the heart."

    "In 2008 scientists in Denmark reported that when women (over 100,000 of them) used a mobile phone during pregnancy, there was an increased risk of behavioural problems in the children, measured at age 7."

    "... when you also take into account studies such as one in rats that has shown that exposing pregnant rats to a mobile phone for one hour a day during pregnancy led to abnormal dead cells in the brain of their offspring and fewer healthy cells in regions involved in learning and memory after birth, then it becomes more worrying."

    (Source: Dr Sarah Starkey, PhD, Neuroscientist)  

    6.  But imagine this: If cell phones (mobile phones) can do this much damage to animals, just think what they're doing to us kids?!

    "Scientists have found that when rats were exposed to a mobile phone in standby mode, switched on to speech mode for 15 minutes twice a day during pregnancy, the female babies had an average of 30% fewer follicles (containing the eggs) in their ovaries after birth.  If this were to happen in humans then it could seriously reduce the fertility of the next generation of females.  We don’t know whether it was the 11 hours and 45 minutes in standby or the 15 minutes in speech mode that led to the decreased fertility.  If it was the former then it is likely that living in a wi-fi environment could also reduce the fertility of subsequent generations." 

    (Source: Dr Sarah Starkey, PhD, Neuroscientist) 

    Lastly, here's a really great article from GQ Magazine about the dangers of cellphones and wireless computers - give this to every adult you know!