Friday, June 15, 2007

Living in a Sea of Unconsciousness: After Being Zapped, Ridiculed, and Verbally Assaulted

People who haven't done the research seem more than willing to "enlighten" me, a person who is electrosensitive, about the "facts" of EMR exposure - in spite of the fact that I have read more than twenty books on the subject and have been researching this topic for over two years, while they "thinking they are experts" usually know zilch about the topic except for perhaps having read some disinformation article put out by the corporate-controlled media.

I was in a coffee shop today when a person approached me and I said "I can feel the radiation emitted by your cell phone." (This person enjoys mocking when he sees me by waving his cell phone in my face - since he knows that I am electrosensitive.) I did the only thing I could and moved away. At that point he and another person started to ridicule me. When I told them to do the research regarding the topic before jumping to conclusions, one guy became extremely nasty with me, making some snide remark that I was always bringing this topic up. (Well, perhaps if I weren't be zapped all the time (and you weren't ridiculing me) I wouldn't have to try to make people aware of the problem and I wouldn't have to avoid people with cell phones - duh!) I have the strongest feeling that this guy has major stockholdings in some cell phone companies - which is probably why he always becomes uncomfortable when he sees me (and then he blames me for being uncomfortable). Well, I also have the feeling that in his case greed is stronger than compassion.

Now, I had done the most sensible thing I could think of. I informed the said person that I was being affected by his cell phone and moved away. Now, after this (1) these people did not have to ridicule me and (2) this other person had no right in getting nasty with me. In essence, I was being blamed for the fact that I was being zapped and they were acting like assholes.

Well, personally, after being zapped, ridiculed, and verbally attacked, I in turn gave one of these self-righteous bastards back some of his own nastiness and I really hope never to have to talk to this self-righteous asshole again. And if the said person with the cell phone ever waves it in my face again, I will indeed smash it into a million pieces. :) Hi Hi Hi!