Friday, October 07, 2005

My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disappeared When I Moved Away From the Electrosmog!

Interesting, the following person has an extensive website outlining his coming down with Crohn's Disease and then the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He went through all kinds of treatments, saw all kinds of doctors, and had a number of elaborate theories, but his last post summed it up as the following at

My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disappeared When I Moved Away From the Electrosog!!!

Update, December 2003

Virtually all chronic fatigue symptoms I had have disappeared. I have discovered what was the cause: Extremely high electrosmog levels in my apartment.

When I moved back home to my parents place in the country, the energy levels returned very soon afterwards. In rural France I had no problems what so ever. I am not saying every CFS is caused by electrosmog (read: DECT wireless phones, cellular phones antenna's, cellular phones, UMTS, digitenne, etc), but it would be wise to do some research in that direction.

The following research article, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - "Is prolonged exposure to environmental level powerline frequency electromagnetic fields a co-factor to consider in treatment?" also supports this, though it mainly talks about EMFs while excluding the ones that come from Microwave Antennas - which are now ubiquitous and much much much more dangerous I believe:



Wednesday, October 05, 2005

EMFs and Adrenal Stress Oct 6th, 2005

"There is ample evidence that in test animals that EMFs
increase the levels of adrenaline, the fight or flight
hormone released from the adrenal glands..." p. 128

"Test animals appear not to know they are being stressed,
yet blood levels show high levels of cortisone, a substance
released by the body under conditions of long-term
disease..." p. 128

"...when [EMF] exposure continues, hormone and immune
levels will fall far below normal and remain there. The
immune system becomes exhausted and unable to respond,
opening the body to infectious diseases and an inability to
fight malignancies." p. 129

From Electromagnetic Fields, Levitt 1995

paul d.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where Have All The Frogs Gone? Oct. 5th 2005

They are the canaries for EMFs. Frogs are
disappearing at a rapid rate all over the world. We notice
that we only see them here in Japan as we gain some
distance from Cell Phone Towers - in rural areas.

"Whole aquatic communities have disappeared in pristine
areas in the course of one mating season, even where the
water has been found to have a normal Ph balance and to be
free of toxins. It is a genuine enigma that does not bode
well for the planet." pp 7-8

"Research in the 1920s discovered that frogs' eggs were
affected by the 20 hertz frequency....More recent research
conducted in the 1970s by Dr. Allen Frey found that
microwaves could alter the heart rhythm of frogs - include
stopping it altogether - when the pulse was synchronized
with the heart beat. Numerous studies have found changes in
the blood brain barrier in test animals exposed to
microwaves. Yet over one hundred thousand new cellular
phone towers are planned in America - all broadcasting in
the microwave frequencies." p 355

" In human beings, EMFs in various frequencies have been
found to adversely affect calcium binding at the cell
surface, DNA synthesis, and cell division; to alter
circadium rhythms, affect or alter some important enzyme
activities, and affect specific glands like the pineal and
the hypothalamus area of the brain, as well as the
production of certain neurotransmitters, like seratonin and
dopamine; to increase the permeability of the blood brain
barrier; to create artificial stress responses; to
overstimulate the immune system initially, then suppress it
and decrease T-lymphocyte production; and to promote
malignant tumor growth with particular concentrations in
the central nervous system, in the blood and skeletal
systems, and in glandular tissue. The eyes, the brain, and
the testes seem to be especially prone to abnormal effects
from the RF frequencies." p. 357

From Electromagnetic Fields, Blake 1995

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