Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The New York Times’s William Broad is Complicit in Global Corporate Genocide

His decades of deliberate deception about the risks of power line and wireless radiation will help to kill at least 150 million people.

By Karl Muller

Excerpt below.  Read full story here.
"A responsible headline on this subject? From the New York Times? Do not hold your breath...   
The New York Times could change the entire history of the world in a day, with exactly one honest article about the known dangers of wireless technology and microwave  irradiation.  But understand one thing...  The generals will happily kill every single last one of you, before they relinquish their greatest toy ever, stealth weaponry... that can be used to target entire populations.  
There is a global panic to roll out 5G as fast as possible;  the real race against time is to get this system in place before the catastrophic effects of the microwaving of the entire planet become evidence, and those piles of dead bodies around the masts can no longer be buried in the statistics. 
In order to stay sweet with his Pentagon informants, someone like William J Broad knows that he has to keep the truth about cellphones and wifi and masts and 5G suppressed. There are no two ways about it. He knows exactly what he is doing. Anyone who quotes Dr Robert L Park of the University of Maryland as his sole expert, is revealing that he is completely in the pocket of the microwave mafia and its agenda.
When you spend decades covering up the truth about the hazards of wireless technology, during which decades this technology is spread all over the world, creating without doubt the single greatest technological take-up in the whole of human history, without any proper health testing, without a proper word of precaution to the world, and especially to the Third World: then you have a serious case of complicity in crimes against humanity. At the very least, this global corporate undertaking represents a vast experiment on human beings that is being conducted without any notion of consent, let alone informedconsent. This is a textbook crime against humanity being carried out in full public view, with dead silence from the media. I have come across many journalists whom I felt were directly complicit in covering up the truth about cellphones and health. But I have to say Mr William J Broad has emerged in a class all of his own, and I am therefore making him the first journalist I am naming as directly complicit in the ongoing corporate genocide that is being engineered by the wireless industry. "

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