Monday, February 11, 2019

Can Smart Meters Disable Car Ignition and Garage Door?

This from my neighbor Mark who has a Smart Meter, and a modern IC car with keyless ignition, plus a garage door opener with remote control. The SM is located by the Garage door.
Note - there is a recent Telus 4G LTE 2.1 Ghz mini antenna some 250 feet from his Smart Meter.

Mark works for Bombardier Dorval in aircraft maintenance.
He happened to be at home mid-morning when this occurred.
His keyless ignition malfunctioned (and also his garage door). Thinking he had a flat battery (vehicle) he went to "Plan B" to open and start the engine. No luck.

Minutes later everything had returned to normal.

Have you heard of this situation before, please?
I would think this could be quite hazardous, eh?


In short, the answer to your question is "yes".

 I have been told of a situation in Gorey, Co. Wexford two years ago. A farmer driving his combine harvester down the main street of the small town of Gorey when the machine stopped, blocking traffic in both directions. Because the road is a main artery from the capital, Dublin to the south east of Ireland, there were considerable delays. After several hours, the police discovered that the farmer was behind in his payments, the combine harvester was disabled from the factory.

 All cars now are equipped with a QRS 11 - 14 microchip in its electronic control unit which communicates with the manufacturer. Mercedes has long had a geolocation system, supposedly a feature to ensure that if any Mercedes breaks down anywhere in the world, help would be dispatched. General Motors is offering a similar system marked as Onstar on its Opel cars.
 This past Winter, a man living in the south of Ireland, stopped in for a drink with a nearby farmer friend. After having a few drinks he drove off the road and the airbags in the car deployed so he decided to walk the rest of the way home. Around 3 a.m., thee was a knock on the door and a policeman was at the door. The policeman informed the man that the car manufacturer had contacted the police to report the deployment of the airbags and the police were dispatched to find the driver. The result is that the driver was charged with drunk driving.

 Further, when the Tetra mast on our new police station (facing me as I type) was activated. the police were unable to enter their vehicles. It took several hours to determine that it was the signal overriding the electromagnetic locking mechanism and the keys. The signal was turned down and the police were able to get into their cars and drive home.

 Thus ambient radiation can interfere with other equipment even on different frequencies based on the power output.

 I hope that helps.
John Weigel


Answer is YES!


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