Friday, March 11, 2016

The American Cancer Society 2016 report

The American Cancer Society 2016 report

The American Cancer Society (ACS) 2016 report says on page one that about one of every 4 deaths in the USA are from cancer now (see report below). Also, 1 of every 2 males and 1 of every 3 females have a lifetime risk for cancer (page 2 of the report below). They cite particularly tobacco, alcohol, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, poverty, and age as some of the risk factors for cancer in general. See their ACS 2016 report at -- 
Cancer risks like tobacco and alcohol rate a Group 1 for human carcinogen (cancer) risk according to the World Health Organization (WHO) IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). Other cancer risks can relate to occupational and environmental exposures, such as nuclear power plants, Superfund sites, and increased populations bringing an increased risk for pollution in general. Monsanto Roundup herbicide is a Class 2A carcinogen with WHO IARC, now used with farming and GMO foods. Also, electromagnetic radiation is rated a Group 2B carcinogen for radiofrequency/microwaves by the WHO IARC, and electricity (ELF magnetic fields) rated as Group 2B as well.

There seems a serious need to reduce cancer risks of all kinds for public health.

 Lucinda Grant

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