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Mumbai: Press Release how the companies misleading the nation! – Prakash Munshi

Mumbai: Press Release how the companies misleading the nation! – Prakash Munshi

Killer GSM Towers

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Indians For Safe Environments
c/ Prakash Munshi , Raj Niketan, B G Kher Marg , Mumbai 400006
Tel : 022 23685256
We would like to inform at the outset that we are not against the Mobile Phones or Mobile Towers or Service Providers but we are definitely against the Health Hazards due EMF radiations from Mobile Towers Antennae.
Our Honourable Minister of State Shri Milind Deora has said last year “ We wouldn’t want that 20 years down the line we have an entire population of young children, young adults , old suffering from serious health effects due to our negligence, our inaction , or our inaction.”  We share his concern which is a mirror feeling of all concerned citizens of India.
There will be NO CHANGE  in the EMF Radiation levels in the country from September 1, 2012 because the present radiation levels recorded before the new norms are implemented are much lower than the revised norm of 450 milliwatts per square meter.
In our Meeting of May 1, 2012 with the Ministry Of C & IT Officials we were informed by all that they accepted the Health Hazards due EMF Radiation from Mobile Towers Antennae.
We had also asked the committee members to advise us the highest EMF Radiation level recorded by TERM. We were told it was below 100 milliwatts per square meter which is in concurrence with the readings measured in Mumbai in presence of the Honble Minister of State Shri Milind Deora at Haji Ali Cluster of Towers of 86 milliwatts per square meter in September 2011.
So it is a total eyewash if  any claim is made that the radiation levels will go down from September 1, 2012 because of Action taken by Cellular Operators of “ Relocating the Mobile Towers , Antennas, and reducing the Transmitted Power in some Areas.”  This is misleading the Citizens of India.
The COAI should inform the Citizens of India through the Press and Media :
How many Towers are installed in the Country ?
1.How many Towers have they taken corrective action as reported above in the Press?
2.How many Towers of the installed Towers in the country were having EMF radiation levels above 450 milliwatts per square meter?
A press Note quotes a COAI spokes person saying “95% Mobile Towers already complying to the revised Norms”
1.Who will monitor the Revised EMF Radiation Norm in lakhs of Mobile Tower Antennae all over the country ?
We had asked the COAI for the maximum levels of EMFR measured by them.
COAI have replied “Base Station Transmitters use relatively low power and the EMF Surveys conducted in Public Accessible Areas are several fold normally thousands of times below the limits prescribed by International Standrads.”
They have not given any specific readings in numerals for obvious reasons.
Have the Mobile Towers Antenna Power Transmission been reduced ?
Which locations , how many Mobile Towers Antennae all over the country have reduced Power Transmission and to what levels / Who will monitor that the reduced Power Transmission and EMF Radiation levels are maintained at desired levels?
We have also asked COAI to inform us the Norms prevailing in countries NOT following ICNIRP norms of :
6.1  EMF radiation standard
6.2  Height at which Towers are set up
6.3  Distance at which Towers set up on Schools , Hospitals and Residences
6.4  Power Transmitted by Towers Antennas
Specifically – Austria, Luxembourg , Belgium , Canada , China , France ( Paris  ), Germany , Italy , New Zealand , Poland , Russia.
Why do many countries do not follow the outdated ICNIRP norms of 4500 milliwatts per square meter ? Is there not a Scientific Reason ? These countries care more for the Health of their Citizens which in India is a Constitutional Right of the Citizens of India.
We need 3G and 4G only if we are assured that we will not be affected by Health Hazards and the Cellular Operators  will have to adopt latest technology and improve on their infrastructure with investments .
The Government of India will have to review the EMF Radiation norms , Rules and Regulations at regular intervals to suit the Health Requirements of Indian Citizens, even to go down to Austrian levels of 1 milliwatt / square meter.
The Government may consider having dual standards – stricter norms for densely populated cities and not so strict for Rural Areas with no dense population as done in some countries.
We have given the following constructive Suggestions to the Ministry of C & IT
1.1  Reduction in Power Transmission from Base Tower Stations / Antennae or Clusters to 2 Watts per installation Site. Cellular Operators will have to invest more on Infrastructure and improved Technology with low power transmission and use of low micro cell Transmitters With In- Built  Solutions.
“One of the main reasons of frequest call drops is that Operators do not want to invest in Infrastructure, which leads to insufficient use of spectrum .” says
BK Syngal former CMD of Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (Source : Hindustan Times August 31, 2012 cover page)
1.2  Cellular Operators should follow International Standards of Minimum height at which these Towers should be installed.
There should be a Ban on installation of Mobile Towers Antennae on top of Educational Institutions , Hospitals  ( Jaslok Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai for example  )
1.3  Ban on installation of Clusters of Antennae atop Buildings or on the Walls of Buildings where radiation penetrates the Walls into the Class Rooms , Hospital Rooms  and Residences.
We have been informed by COAI that a typical “ Cluster of 10 – 20 Antennae Can transmit upto 800 watts  combined Power output ! ( Assuming 5 operators of GSM each with 7 channels of 20 watts each and additionally 5 operators of 3G with 4 channels of 20 watts each )”
Is such a Cluster existing in any developed country ? Do we need to consume so much Power in a Power starving country like ours. Policemen at Haji Ali Circle seek transfer of duty due to ill health from EMF Radiation from the Cluster on top of Haji Ali Juice Center.
Another case besides the famous Usha Kiran / Vijay Apartments case is Prem Puri Ashram and Ader Bad on Hughes Road Babulnath Corner. There are 4 recent Known cases of Cancer on the higher floors of Ader Bad facing the Prem Puri
Ashram  Mobile Towers Antennae fitted like flowers in a Flower Pot in a haphazard way.
Why do we not see such clusters or installations in  European countries or in Australia , New Zealand or USA ? Why are we treated as a third world country where the International Cellular Operators can do what they want ?
It is because there are no proper Rules and Regulations for installation and there is no social responsibility exhibited on the part of the Cellular operators as otherwise they would have made installations as they would have done in the developed countries where they operate.
1.4  There should be regulation on the Distance the Towers / Antennae can be Installed from Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Residences.
Who will monitor the Actual Power Transmitted by lakhs of Towers all over the country? Higher the Power Transmission wider the coverage and higher risk of Health Hazards due Higher EMF radiation.
We need a neutral Agency to monitor the Standards . the Agency must have sufficient Manpower to monitor each tower site randomly without announcement once every month or two months. The Agency must have sufficient Finance and Equipment to measure the EMFR and Power Transmitted by these Towers Antennae. TERM neither have the Manpower nor funds allotted for necessary equipment. They have hired outside Agencies to measure EMFR at various sites.
The Municipal Corporations are ineffective. In a recent Press release we read that more than 50% of Mobile Towers in Mumbai are illegally put up. Why no action is taken on these Buildings or Cellular Operators ?
The cash rich Operators hire prominent lawyers to obtain stay orders  making it impossible for the Regulators to perform their duties. We all know how slow our legal system is and when the Stay Orders will be lifted .
The Citizens of India are fed up of the inaction by the regulatory bodies be it the Central Government , State Government or Municipalities. Why is there a State of Paralysis ?
It is only the Awareness Programs , Seminars , Lectures and Banners put up on the Streets arranged by Citizens and the full support of the Media that has yielded the desired results in the last few months in Jaipur , Delhi and Mumbai and all over the country.

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