Sunday, April 08, 2012

Communications tower in Kirkland backyard sparks neighbours' complaints

Communications tower in Kirkland backyard sparks neighbours' complaints


A communications tower erected in a Kirkland backyard has raised the ire of nearby residents.

Several homeowner who live on Acres St., a residential street between Brunswick and De Salaberry Blvds., came to the Kirkland council meeting Monday armed with a petition. They were seekanswers from the city about the tower, which they say was erected without any notice last Tuesday in the backyard of 75 Acres.

"It's a health hazard," Laurinda Diaz told council. "Not only is it a monstrosity, it's concerning. I want it gone today."

Mayor John Meaney said the city only became aware of the tower when contacted by residents last Thursday.

Director general Joe Sanalitro said he plans to contact Rogers Communications and Industry Canada regarding the new tower.
He said any communications installation under 15 metres, such as the one on Acres, does not require a public consultation meeting under federal guidelines. Normally, companies contact the city to negotiate where a tower is to be erected, he said.

Sanalitro said the city will look into possible fines for not having a work permit or if they can legally force Rogers to take down the tower. The city has promised to set up a meeting with concerned residents.

The owner of the property could not be reached for comment.


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